Another term for ordering a half pint of beer at a microbrewery. Can also be considered a verb (pulling a Russell) when a person repeatedly orders multiple half pints instead of just ordering a full pint of beer.
"Would you like another beer"?
"Sure. But instead of a full pint, I think I'll just have a Russell".
by Pretzel Girl August 02, 2011
A man, usually cocky that thinks he brings bad bitches but usually is alone with only his right hand. People may sometimes assume he has a large cock but are sadden when they find out it is only comparable to a nipple dick. a.k.a straight bitch.
Girl one- Oh my gosh isn't that a Russell over there?

Girl two- Yea it is. OMG! Bree told me that his dick is like this. " holds up small tootsie rool."
by tsameah October 31, 2012
A term reserved for a muscle bound Ed Hardy or Affliction wearing idiot. Generally they are found at the tanning salon, hogging weights at the gym, watching every UFC fight and running around with a pack of other Russells at a douchey bar (also known as a Russell Bar). The term comes from the need to point out "Russells" in public at full volume without them understanding you are poking fun at their idiocy.
Take a look at that Russell's wicked Ed Hardy belt buckle. Watch out for that pack of Russell's over there. We don't go to X, Y or Z bar, it's filled with Russells now.

For examples of Russell's take a look at the Jersey shore. They also prove that Russell is a unisex term.
by ATXBevo May 06, 2011
adj. The state of extreme incorrectness and or stupidity; referred to simply as WRONG.

v. To be completely and utterly wrong.
In a scenario where an individual would otherwise be so incorrect or wrong to the point where it is necessary to bring it to his or her attention. you then exclaim "Russell!" Instead of: Wrong; Idiot; or another suitable synonym.

Teacher: "What is 2+2"
Student: "Gateway Loop!"
Teacher: "What?!?"
Student: "Game."
Teacher: "You're Russell"
Russell(Previously the Student): "You wanna fight John?"
Teacher(Laughing uncontrollably): "Oh Russell"
by nuckckckckckckckck July 22, 2010
(v.) When a male cums on a females face, then plucks his pubes putting them on her face using the cum as an adhesive. While she cleans her face the male penetrates the females ass unexpectedly
I had this girl over the other day and she wanted me to give her the russell

I watched this redtube video and this girl got russelled
by poonane February 17, 2010
The term for a person who trys to act like a stoner.
Though obviously not, they say things to make it seem so.
They do this because they don't much of a personality to them..
"Hey man, do I smell like weed?"

" you?"

"Oh yah..I got high this morning. I'm a total stoner."

"No, your a Russell"
by chocolateorgasm April 18, 2010
A lame, bland, boring individual. Who is the opposite of the actual definition of Russell.
That guy is such a Russell.
by fsillybilly February 07, 2010

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