When a person is drunk and waving one hand in the air while holding a drink.
OMG!! Look at that guy dance, he's doing the Russell!
by Anonymous Me October 19, 2007
A sweet person at heart and a jerk at times, Russell is a guy with a huge head but a dumb mind. He is a romantic lover and his friends envy him. He's an energetic little shorty with potential and sarcastic ways. He's sexy and funny and all the ladies love him, if you went out or are going out with a Russell man ur hearts as happy as a slice of hot cake<3
Girl1:look at Russell so sexy... Boy1:god dammit why do all the girls like him?!
by Nadiswaggkid98 March 14, 2012
He gets you on a social app, like palringo and literally charms your clothes off. You'll be im'ing him pictures of all your parts without realizing what you're doing. His charismatic personality makes you want to take your clothes off and have nasty cyber sex with him no matter what mood you're in
I was chatting online yesterday, when suddenly this dude started talking and I was Russell'd....I sent him a pic of me bent over with a toy in every oriface.
by Not viarus January 21, 2014
A person of considerable intellect, and who lives on Guam.
Whoa, you are so chill and smart like Russell
by Y[Z]oriBoy671 February 20, 2012
One of the best people you will ever meet. Is smart, nice, talented, amazing and hilarious. They make an amazing friend and an even better boyfriend. They are thoughtful, sweet, caring, adorable and you'll want to devote all of your time to them. They are a huge gamer and very selfless and loving.
I love Russell so much, he is so sweet and adorable.
by Kittu <3 April 06, 2015
A cute boy that is a player he gets all the ladies often is stoned.
Omg did you see him he looks like a "Russell"
by hhhxhxhxhxhdhjejsi v February 24, 2015
A tall, tan man that likes to shave his body and rub baby oil all over it. He wears woman's underwear on the weekends. He is a closet fag that suffers from Compulsive Masturbasting.
Hey look at that guy!, I bet he is a Russell.
by Hoggs August 08, 2012

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