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Ghetto way of fighting when you just keep punching as fast and hard as you can until the muthafucka stop moving and on the ground half dead.
Yeah he could deffinitly woop my ass but if i rush him he ain't a got shit on me.
by some polak September 20, 2004
In RTS gaming, amassing an army very quickly and unleashing hell on the opponent.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
An attempt to attack a specific target in a fast and noticeable matter.
Oh shit look, those niggas are going to rush those skaters!!
by BrianLim March 11, 2004
Rush: a chemical inhaleant that was originally created and popularized on the streets of colimbia. it comes in a small brown vial and is consumed by inhaling the fumes. this produces a short intense high about 10-15 seconds after inhaling. it is legal in the united states.
"Hey, you want a hit of this rush? Take a sniff."
by miamigirll September 21, 2008
a term for the hole in the side of a bowl used to fill the pipe with smoke.

synonymous with carb
bob was looking to buy a pipe, but did not because none of them had a rush
by Ümbra July 19, 2004
Someone with a different name than most and the sweetest boyfriend ever.
P1: You and your boyfriend are perfect together!
P2: Yeah he's the sweetest ever, plus nobody else has a name like Rush.
by samma93 October 10, 2010
To rush someone means to mug them.
Chav 1: Mate i can see that guys wallet in his pocket; i bet he's got some paper...

Chav 2: yeah, let's rush 'im!
by _Jebus_ May 09, 2009