RUSH = Run Until Shit Happends
Come on team, RUSH B! :D
by The true meaning.. May 14, 2015
A crush you have for an extremely short period of time, and then a couple days later, you're wondering what you ever saw in the person in the first place.
Sally: I have a confession. I like Billy!
Ann: That guy you're always saying is so obnoxious?
Sally: Yeah, but I found out he's actually really nice!
(The next day)
Sally: Ew. Billy is so annoying! I can't stand that guy!
Ann: Weren't you just saying how nice he was yesterday?
Sally: Yeah, I guess it was just a rush.
by s2015 March 22, 2012
Ghetto way of fighting when you just keep punching as fast and hard as you can until the muthafucka stop moving and on the ground half dead.
Yeah he could deffinitly woop my ass but if i rush him he ain't a got shit on me.
by some polak September 20, 2004
In RTS gaming, amassing an army very quickly and unleashing hell on the opponent.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
a term for the hole in the side of a bowl used to fill the pipe with smoke.

synonymous with carb
bob was looking to buy a pipe, but did not because none of them had a rush
by Ümbra July 19, 2004
An attempt to attack a specific target in a fast and noticeable matter.
Oh shit look, those niggas are going to rush those skaters!!
by BrianLim March 11, 2004
To smoke a ciggerette.
I opened the windows because I was having a rush, i usually go for a rush right after meals.

Usually I go for a rush after a meal.
by Rainman88 April 20, 2015

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