ta gang up or/and beat up someone or people
we gna rush dat mon rah der.
by mami May 03, 2004
Verb - To bring violence to someone.
Back up before we rush you, foo'!
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Quite possibly the gayest thing to spawn from the worst place on the planet. Even while thizzing Rush is unbearable to listen to considering the whiney girl voice of their queer/pedophile vocalist. Overall a horrible idea to start a band with a dude who sounds prepubescent or that he just received a vasectomy.
Rush sucks balls. END OF STORY
by Dankness May 30, 2007
Rich Urban Spoiled Housewife, This is a female who has moved from the suburbs into the rich upscale urban areas in order to be cool and Cosmo. They generally have rich husbands,, There automobiles of choice are European, and oversized SUV's Money is very impotent in there lives. There behavior patterns include a feeling of self importance, and love of band named expensive items. Intelligence can be below par
I know the woman in that new BMW has to be a RUSH, You know that a RUSH never buys her own car.
by SCOTT H SMITH April 01, 2006
A band that came from canada know as an extra script in the world , When I first listened to that music I was amazed, then I listened to Dream Theater , Iron Maiden , Greenday and The Bravery and started to say , man , that band sucks.
Rush is a band that I liked , not anymore.
by bravery , posers 4 life March 04, 2006
A young russian person who thinks hes all cool and stuff. Usually new in the country.
Yo, look at that Russ over there, thinking hes all cool with his tight black Armani jeans and his fake tight Hugo Boss shirt!
by mark November 14, 2004
1) to hurry
2) the time when you check out different frats or sororities and decide which one you want to pledge
3) the early part of a high, especially cocaine
4) a shitty 80's band that Trekkie-types listen to
5) Limbaugh
6) slang for "Russian"
1) You ain't from Russia, so bitch why you rushin'?
2) Ryan was wasted off his ass during frat rush, so we breathalyzed him and that motherfucker was off the charts!
3) "Man that rush from those caffeine pills was intense."
"No it wasn't. Shut up bitch."
4) I'm sorry son, but the guitarist from Rush is your father, and it ends up he's gay.
5) We were jammin' to Rush Limbaugh in the car and a cop pulled us over.
6) That guy's either a fucking Polak or a dumb ass Rush.

You'd better rush so we can go to the frat rush party on time and snort coke and get a rush while listening to Rush or Rush Limbaugh, you fucking Rush.
by Nick D March 31, 2003

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