To rush someone means to mug them.
Chav 1: Mate i can see that guys wallet in his pocket; i bet he's got some paper...

Chav 2: yeah, let's rush 'im!
by _Jebus_ May 09, 2009
when playing an online game (usually Starcraft) where you have to build a base. the other team decides to be assholes and make a lot of people (usually zerglings) and come attack your base before you're built, within the first few minutes of the game. pretty much rape.
team 1: bro send your zerglings right now right now!
(team 2's base gets annihilated)
team 1: ahahahah
by kla marie May 05, 2007
Speed Humping
I rushed Nawb in the dark
by hoemairz September 11, 2008
Short-lived orgasmic state you get when taking a good hit of a powerful drug (meth, smack, crack, etc) smoked or I.V.
That's why it's so much more addictive and tolerance forming these ways.
*Slams 100mg of crystal*... **GREENLIGHT**!!!!
by QuartzRox September 09, 2004
Not quite a crush. Often fleeting and lasts from about an hour to approximately a week.
Natalie: I thought you had a crush on that Derek guy you met at yoga?

Joanne: Nah, it was just a rush. I got over him, like, the next day.
by Alexradio November 16, 2008
the hole on the side of a bowl or bong that when released allows air into the piece. this allows the smoke to be "rushed" into your lungs.
person 1: Dude, i'm not getting a good hit!
person 2: You forgot to release the rush
person 1: Ohh... haha... my bad.
by Flubbs July 28, 2008
ta gang up or/and beat up someone or people
we gna rush dat mon rah der.
by mami May 03, 2004

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