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Thick patches of cellulite on and around the upper thigh region.

Rumple: A wrinkle, crumple, or irregular fold.
Stilt: To raise on.
Skin: Integument.
Doug: "Damn fool, check out that bitch in the red dress!"
Ryan: "You're crazy man, there's Rumplestiltskins runnin all over that!"

Elliot: "Check out that black girl in the booty shorts! There ain't a Rumplestiltskin in sight!
Brian: "Daaaaaamn, thats tha hottest 3forward I've ever seen!"
by Dawn Heartsfelt September 22, 2009
A method of consumption of beer. The "rumpler" takes a can of beer (unopened) and shakes it up extremely well. being very carbonated and hard, the can is then bashed on the head of the rumpler untill it breaks open. During this process the Rumpler(s) repeatedly chant "rumpelstiltskin, rumplestiltskin". The rumpler then must shotgun the beer putting their mouth over the spot where the can broke. Rumplestiltskins can be very quick and easy but more likely then none, painful. Only the brave Rumple.
We were tired of just drinking normally so we decided to rumplestiltskin the rest of our brews.
by deggerkegger July 09, 2009
A crazy little man who can spin straw into gold in trade for riches such as *gasp* children. He also has a large temper problem.
to-day I bake, to-morrow brew,

the next I'll have the young queen's child.

Ha, glad am I that no one knew

that Rumpelstiltskin I am styled.
by Dizeezed August 19, 2005
When you roll the foreskin of the penis over the tip of a girls nose and blow white gold in her nostrils.
Shaun: Hey Troy did you hear about Peter?

Troy: What happened?
Shaun: He totally pulled a rumplestiltskin last night! Almost spun a golden sweater.
by Garrett's Dong June 01, 2012
When a lucky lady, or lucky male counterpart engages in the act of placing a hicky on your taint or grundle. This often times creates a painful sensation lasting up to 7 business days.
Man: Drop down and gimme a new goddamn rumplestiltskin ASAP or i'll slap up yo bitch ass.

Girl: You had me at drop down.

Man: (after the fact) That was the greatest rumplestiltskin that I have ever had. Send my regards to your mother for teaching you such great technique.
by jack johnson 69 March 19, 2007
the act of placing the testicles in a hig powered vacumn cleaner causing extreme damage to the scrotum
his girlfriend performed a rumple stiltskin on him after she found out he had herpes.
by jinglebells777777 January 19, 2011
Word used by those who are too stupid to think up any other insult. Those with 1-2 GCSE's A-F rarely use this as they are overly intelligent. Used to clarify a dumbass action or event.

See also: meatloaf
"eyy, tyrone just laid a brick in da bogs"
by samstorm December 05, 2004
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