The polite version of the word "crude". From Latin "rudis", which means rough.
That was rude to throw your dirty underwear against the wall.

See also "crude".
by Ingram August 28, 2004
character from final fantasy 7: advent children who gets smacked in the head over and over through out the movie.
*sign falls on head*
Rude: ow...
*stands up unhurt*
by some1 random May 09, 2006
when something is either unfathomably amazing or unfathomably bad
thats a rude car over there man(Amazing)

your head is too rude(bad)
by Robert Large August 19, 2003
Something horrible, disgusting or unacceptable.
"That chick is rude."
"You wank 10 times a day? That's rude."
by Diego July 29, 2003
rude is another way to reffering to a rude boy/s or girl/s.
"Did you see does rudes on da corner earlier?"
"Nah man shes deffinately a rude."
by Emmax x x May 21, 2005
a chav/ a person who wears designer lables (nickleson) and listen to Rap etc....
some rudes hang down our corner shops.
by Cock Molest February 25, 2005
when the weather is clearly disgusting outside.
(It's raining outside, begins to rain harder)
"Yoo, outside is getting rudeee!"
by - prettymiss. May 01, 2009
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