Total reject, someone who doesnt fit into any group and is outcast not because of individuality its because they have no friends. As a rule they are sad and need to feel like thats exactly what they want people to think of them. They hear all the abuse directed at chavs and have no friends who are chavs so they dont join that category or any other for the same reason. Calling themselves rude is a good description, but not for the reason they think, rude means obnoxious and repugnant which sums them up perfectly.
"Im a ruud" (wtf? spelling rude wrong adds no value)
"You label yourself and follow trends im seperate from groups." (the reason for this being you have no friends and need to give your pathetic worthless life some meaning)
by OpinionaTed September 11, 2005
rude is another way to reffering to a rude boy/s or girl/s.
"Did you see does rudes on da corner earlier?"
"Nah man shes deffinately a rude."
by Emmax x x May 21, 2005
a chav/ a person who wears designer lables (nickleson) and listen to Rap etc....
some rudes hang down our corner shops.
by Cock Molest February 25, 2005
Something horrible, disgusting or unacceptable.
"That chick is rude."
"You wank 10 times a day? That's rude."
by Diego July 29, 2003
when the weather is clearly disgusting outside.
(It's raining outside, begins to rain harder)
"Yoo, outside is getting rudeee!"
by - prettymiss. May 01, 2009
This can be used a shortened version of the word rude boy. This abrieviation is often used by indie kids or other such tribes when describing rude boys.
Alex: "Yesterday anout nine rudes tried to rob me"
Dominic: "What did you do?"
Alex "Beat them off!"
by de Vizzle November 02, 2005
Someone that makes a mean comment and is still a cool person
"aiyyo bitch you so ugly, i think u gon die a virgin" "nah man, people so rude all dey gotta do is put a paper bag over her head and fuck her" lol
by coolness February 21, 2005

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