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term used in london which means ripped off or conned.
it cost me a lot more in the store down the road, i was skanked.
by Anonymous March 04, 2003
To be ripped off, or be in a situation resulting in a negative outcome. May have originated on the London streets, but is used by stoners, esp. regarding shit deals.
Dude! You got skanked, that 8th is well flim!
Ha! Skanked!
That biatch can't give head for shit, skanked or what!
by Buck March 14, 2005
To run away from or intentionally avoid.
quick and unnoticed escape, a trick usually done between a group of friends to an individual as a joke.
1) What did you skank off for?
2) You just skanked me for no reason.
3) What you doing skanking off like that?
by Herwoyn Beck December 25, 2004
Verb, as in 'to skank'. When a female dresses or acts in a provocative manner. It could also mean to get completely shifaced wasted.
"Hey girl let's go out and hit the clubs." "Okay, I have to go get skanked up first."

"I'm getting skanked up tonight."
by Abbergator March 26, 2012
1. Verb. When a woman steals your wallet/money after sex.

2. Verb. Getting cheated, tricked, ripped-off, or run-around.
1. "Dennis, That Jew bitch stole my fucking wallet!"
"You just got skanked bro."

2. "That car salesman is such a douche, he totally skanked us."
by MJbigs May 12, 2010
When you steal or take somthing from sombody! usealy said as takeing or after takeing the desired object!
"hahaha, Skanked!"
"you so just got Skanked!"
by Cassie Montgomery September 30, 2003
(skank-ed)v. to have recieved a sexually transmitted disease. 2. The process of becoming a skank.
1. After Johnny slept with that girl last night and realized he had a strange itch, he knew he had been skanked. 2. After watching the OC, Sandra became skanked and was wearing skimpy outfits more often
by soxnation85xx July 05, 2006
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