An incredibly intelligent girl, who is beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She is outgoing, lively, loyal, got the most amazing personality, the best friend and girlfriend you can ever have because she will make sure that everything is perfect (in a crazy sort of way) all the time, she's artistic, crazy and yet still modest.

She hates compliments, but loves to give them.

She also hates her name, though others wish to have it.

She can make ANY guy swoon (even if she's not their type), and ANY girl jealous (even if they're gorgeous themselves), no matter who or how old they are. Did I mention she is absolutely gorgeous? Hot? Sexy? Modest?
She's got a perfect body, perfect face, perfect at everything she does, just...perfect.

Thing is, she doesn't even have to be good at anything, but she can somehow make anything perfect.

Even people that may not like perfect people, they seem to end up liking (or most likely loving) her anyway.

Plus, she won't let a guy get bored. Ever. *wink wink*
Guys within sight of Ruby: *Thinking 'Wow, she's beautiful' and then stopping and staring*
Ruby: *Doesn't notice anything even slightly strange*
by AGirlCalledRuby July 09, 2011
an amazing, truly smart girl. She's gorgeous, funny and smart as hell! She doesn't appreciate the way she looks, but others appreciate her. She doesn't take compliments. she's shy around the guy she likes, but very outgoing and lovable the rest of the time.
Everyone loves her, but many are jealous of her personality, looks and smarts. one of the best friends you coud ever have and also the worst enemy you can make because she will speak her mind .
Guy 1: Holy shit that girls fucking HOT!
Guy 2: That's definetly Ruby!
by megasaurusrexx January 16, 2011
A purely object-oriented imperative programming language. Used mostly for scripting, and generally run using an interpreter. Syntactically similar to Ada and Perl, but with Smalltalkesque object-orientation.
I wrote a Ruby script to process my mail.
by Luca Kaceem Butler Masters January 29, 2004
Ruby, a girl who is extremely good looking and always looking for sex. Her main feature is her fantastic succulent ass, which is truly arousing. Ruby is a fabulous grinder and like to get low. Ruby is a superb female; she enjoys being around male of Indian origin.
Boy: whoa, check out that girls ass, its so ruby

Girl: why couldnt i be more like ruby

sethi: ruby is so hot :|
by lach stavonich May 17, 2008
HOMG. ruby
the funniest girl to be around always cracking jokes and getting u in a dance mood. cant not love her. when u see her, ur eyes lock. she is creative and a uses her imagination in any way she can. shes known from the ruby gem and the song RUBAY RUBAY RUBAY.

such a great friend and once you have her u never want to loose her.

loyal, funny, intelligent, amzing, gorg :)
Oi ruby


- lol
by lolani sea April 10, 2011
An outgoing girl, who can be your bestest friend, or your worst enemy because she is not afraid to speak her mind. She is very loud, and talkativae, and very lovable. She might annoy you at times but you love her. She is very pretty and has perfect eyes, but doesnt know it, she may look like she tries to hard, but couldnt care less. She is a party animal, she is the one you want to hang around. She hates getting compliments but loves giving them, a Ruby is a girl you can trust and befriend, she is loyal and caring, sometimes may seem the opposite but always keeps a secret, she is very smart and extremely creative, but also busy. A ruby is an amazing girl you want to be around.
Friend: You are so pretty Ruby!

Ruby: You kidding me look in the mirror!


Random Girl: Who was that girl?

Another Girl: Oh that was Ruby.
by therealdeal5859 September 15, 2012
The most amazing girl you could ever wish for.

She is absolutely stunning and simply just perfect, she's really insecure about her looks and claims she doesn't like compliments but deep down she does. She's really caring and sometimes people don't seem to appreciate that. She can be a little crazy but in a good way and always makes you laugh. She is the kinda girl guys wanna be with, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but when you get to know the real Ruby you never ever wanna lose her. If you're there for her she'll be there for you. She's unlike any other girl in the world, she's just perfect.
The only person that can make me happy is Ruby, I would do anything for her.
by never wanna lose you April 02, 2013

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