The Larger sand/rocks at the shore of a beach.
i just threw a bunch of rubies all over that guy
by Double rainbow pro September 07, 2010
A hot girl who loves classical music and ballet. She can be quite childish and likes Mickey Mouse. Sometimes immature but is admired by many guys by her amazingly hot booty and big boobs. Has a strong love connection with guys named Jonathan and loves guys which are older than her. She also tends to have a love interest in Indian guys.
Jonathan: Did you see that hot girl just now?

Justin: You mean the one with those big boobs and a hot booty?

Jonthan: Yeah, such a Ruby
by guest12629 June 07, 2010
Short for Rubefin, an Amphetamine based substance given to kids that can't a good high too when crushed and snorted. Similar to ritty but is of varying potency. Ask ignorant kids at bus-stops for their prescriptions and you're set!
Degen type - "Hey little dude, hookus your entire month prescription of rubies and I'll lay a 20 on ya"
Little ADDer - "Wow man, $20 is so much money! yay!"
Degen type - ".....sucker"

easy as pie
by Nick "Cone" Connor October 04, 2005
An incredibly hot girl with some perky tits that loves to give blowjobs .Shes loves sex.She's a once in a life time kind of girl. Any guy would be lucky to have her as their girlfriend because she's the best in bed.
Dude, ruby is the best!
by Askpeter April 29, 2011
Ruby is an acronym for a rich urban youth.
Only a ruby wears JCrew.
by BlakeSchoolofExcellence January 18, 2011
a ferret that lives illegally in dorm rooms
"oh shit, don't let the RA's see Ruby!"
by yourface17 October 16, 2011
The girlfriend/wife of a Blood (gang member).
I: You see snowbunny over there, thas my ruby.
H: Oh yeah, damn I got jumpoffs but I need me a ruby too.
by SnObunnY May 03, 2006

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