a girl who likes nature, art, and music. good artist. antisocial. doesn't get many boyfriends. has few friends but those friends are ones she can count on forever. quiet and modest. calm around most people and crazy with her friends. patient most of the time but when something ticks her off, watch out!
random person: look at ruby over there.

random person 2: looks like she's drawing. isn't it weird how she's so quiet?

friend of ruby's: *laughs hysterically* *thinks to self* "ruby, quiet??!?
by a person somewhere on earth... October 15, 2011
When you don't know her, she's quiet. When you do, you wish she was. She is funny, loud and scatter brained, but she is still very smart. She has a bit of a temper, and can be insulted easily. Usually spends her weekends playing video games and blasting music.
She doesn't accept compliments because she thinks of herself very low.
She works best with people who are most like her.
Rubys usually are attracted to people who have names that start with 'R', like her.
Oh that silly ruby

I know! She sure is a riot.
by asdfjkl;12435 March 07, 2012
Object oriented language resembling perl, in which everything is an object.
10.times do |x|
print "#{x}: urbandictionary.com\n"

Prints this fine site's address 10 times.
by James February 07, 2005
A crazy, funny, outgoing friendly girl. She is thick-skinned has amazing red curly hair that she sometimes straightens, but always looks better when it is natural. Ruby is always cracking jokes that are actually funny, but can sometimes offend people if they take it the wrong way. Ruby always makes class interesting but the teacher's don't always appreciate her, and she can get into trouble. She is incredibly smart and wonderful at impromptu deebating. She is not afraid to make fun of herself and can easily get along with anyone.
"wow, that girl isn't afraid to make a statement"
"yeah, she's a ruby"
by beelieve September 02, 2011
Ruby is a lovely girl but can be very shy, despite her ruby-red hair which is easy to spot in a crowd. She is laid back and isn't too fussed about her appearance. Occasionally she will really let go and can look very scruffy, like a dog. She will do anything to get out of unlucky circumstances and is well-known for standing people up and skiving important events. Regardless of her often reserved personality, she is very open among her close friends. Under alcoholic influence, she can become much more outgoing and very randy, particularly around boys names Matt or Nick.
"Hey Ruby, are you gunna make a move on Matt? Don't be too forward though, you don't want to put him off."

Friend: "Where were you today Ruby?! We had such a good time!"
Ruby: "Sorry, my car broke down."
by cruelkitty March 04, 2011
An extremely intelligent girl, Ruby applies 100% effort in everything she does. She is beautiful in personality as well as looks, with a modest attitude and a kind heart. You cannot help but love Ruby, and don't take her for granted as you will miss her when she is gone.
She got great results, is beautiful an popular! How amazing is this girl?
That's a Ruby all right!
by Jimmy bob banananananana June 25, 2013
Ruby is the fittest girl you will ever meet. Usually great in bed and always great at foreplay. Every boy wants to have hot steamy sex with her.
Guy1- OMG! Look at her!
Guy2- She's so Ruby!
by Lillayyyyy July 29, 2011

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