Rubens is the type of individual who would have sexual intercourse with animals, preferably a cat. Rubens is the type of person who will wear a hoodie and shorts. He is a most disgusting person with no friends.


Zeke: Ew, look there! it's rubens!

Olle: Oh, ewww. Lets get out of here before he notices us.
Rubens is a disgusting furry
by WeWIllTakeJerusalem September 19, 2016
Ruben, as in a sweet, funny girl who is heaps tall and loves her food. I suggest not eating her food cause she'll then eat YOU! She brings a ray of sunshine wherever she walks kinda like Jesus but she's a Ruben, so she's not a Jesus. She pretty cool. I looooove her to the moon and back!!
Ruben is a sick cunt
by Rubenloveryusss September 11, 2014
Ruben a memespouting unfunny memer who still thinks mountain dew is funny in 2016.
That's such a Ruben
by klasmvm May 28, 2016
A typical beaner name for fat men who are secretly gay for one another, mostly illegal comes from mexico , tj , who his mom brings him because he's too fat to be walking around tj streets , plays soccer when he is board juggles balls with his coach in each others mouths for being gay and are secretly gay for each other and ruben uses his so called girlfriend ass a coverup
I want ruben to fuck me hard and I'll cum in his nose makes it come out of his eye fucking fatty
by Cocksucker40000 January 21, 2016
a euphemism for a restaurant or some sort of eating establishment that is non-descript
Let's go to that Ruben's down the street tonight for dinner; Ya know, the one with the family sports pub?
by Pierskin November 30, 2006
a cocky! sun of a beach. thinks he's hot stuff...usually stares into mirrors to stare at his mussels. likes to take things from other people. sometimes acts gay.but thats just ruben.very flirtatious but cares for most people.loves to dance in parking lots while asking for money from hobos.
Stop being a ruben your embarrassing me!
by loral69 June 04, 2011
This man happens to be one of the few people that can receive three penis' at a time in one whole in the world. He loves easy and can care alot. But once you turn him on he turns into a sex-crazed rabbit. Also tends to dissrespect women most of the time.
Man i was with a Ruben last night , he took all of us at one time.
by GoogleFacts September 23, 2012
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