a cocky! sun of a beach. thinks he's hot stuff...usually stares into mirrors to stare at his mussels. likes to take things from other people. sometimes acts gay.but thats just ruben.very flirtatious but cares for most people.loves to dance in parking lots while asking for money from hobos.
Stop being a ruben your embarrassing me!
by loral69 June 04, 2011
This man happens to be one of the few people that can receive three penis' at a time in one whole in the world. He loves easy and can care alot. But once you turn him on he turns into a sex-crazed rabbit. Also tends to dissrespect women most of the time.
Man i was with a Ruben last night , he took all of us at one time.
by GoogleFacts September 23, 2012
An ugly guy who acts immature and cheats on every girlfriend he has. Particularly his recent ex girlfriend whom he used just to sleep with and then tried going after her friends. He is disgusting, untrustworthy, asinine, and everything you can think of. He deserves to sleep outside with the dog's and to be unloved for he doesn't deserve a girl as good as she was and he deserves to be punished !
S :" Ruben cheated on me..."
V:" Again..?"
S: "Yes and then he dumped me..."
V:"Wow what an asshole !!!! Leave ruben girl, you deserve better."
by Lil_Rosey December 02, 2013
Pulling a Ruben is a term used about men masturbating
"Hey Where are you going?"
"I'm going home to pull a Ruben"
"Oh I did that 2 hours ago"
by the cool gang April 21, 2010
Some pedo bear spanish dude who stole naginis property and thinks. THINKS. he's a baws but he can't be bosser than this "short sarcastic midget". He likes to show off his BB guns and doesnt know how to work skype properly since he didnt know how to add someone to a converation even though theres a BIG + sign at the top that obviously adds people. But all in all he's a great guy and a trusting friend, and he's someone you can go to when your down and is there to help you through whatever ur going thru, so thank you hoe.
Rubens a baws.
Ziannie is bawsser. <3
by Some midget December 30, 2011
A ruben is the worst type of bitch a person can ever call you.

Being a ruben fall under these categories:

1. Not keeping it real with people.
2. Doing low key dirty shit and expecting others not to find out about it.
3. Doing low key dirty shit, forgetting you've done it, then play victim when others treat you harsh.
4. Calling others out as light weights when your actually the light weight.
5. Throwing little bitch tantrums.
6. Bragging about things that aren't true just to make people accept or envy you.
7. Pretending you don't have cash when your out with friends so they can pay for you when you actually do have cash.
8. Being a fucking douche when your (or supposedly drunk) to people because you think its cool.
9. Calling off a night with a friend you made plans with (REPEAT)...YOU MADE PLANS WITH (not they made plans with you) by pretending your sick, going out of town, etc; just to go out with someone else or a chick rather than keep it real and inform the friend that your going to do something else instead.

Anything that can be classified as a BITCH MOVE
Used in sentences:

1. Wow, I can't believe Gloria was being a ruben and didn't finish her Wine Cooler.

2. James threw out the line "I'm supplying the room" rather than help put in on food and drinks. We never done that to him when he comes to our room, what a fucking ruben!!!
by SpredingTheMovement!!! October 13, 2011
homo who everyone thinks is gay and he is not but he looks like a homo
yo ''ruban'' is a homo

ya he is look at him

i bet he fucks mekiy
look its ruben
by dude879 October 31, 2011

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