homo who everyone thinks is gay and he is not but he looks like a homo
yo ''ruban'' is a homo

ya he is look at him

i bet he fucks mekiy
look its ruben
by dude879 October 31, 2011
A guy who appears to be a womanizer to others but really isn't. He just has such low self-esteem that he needs constant female attention in order to feel good about himself.
1: "Girl, I think he likes you! You should def go for him!"
2: "Heck nah! He's too ruben for me! I can't deal with guys like that."
by Anna384 February 05, 2010
The projected winner of American Idol.
"Did you watch American Idol last night?"
"Yes, that Ruben will most definetly win."
by HappyHenry35 May 10, 2003
A funny ass dude who loves to be mean to others and lie a lot!
That Ruben is not cool!
by haha! December 22, 2004
noun. {female - rubenne} -pronunciation (ru-benn, ru-benn-e (female), ru-bahn or ru-bahn-e (female))

1. one who shuns social contact. i.e entertaining guests or verbal communication with friends.

2. Anti-social behavior during social events or just general anti-social behavior.

3. Acting like a tool.

note: Ruben is permissible as a nick name.

1. Trent often acts like a ruben.

2. He/she acts like such a ruben retreating to his/her room during this party/for days at a time.

3. Not participating/drinking (alcohol) at social events that require participation/drinking.
by Jacob & Red April 18, 2007
a short crackhead
he's crazy over rosa, who he'll never get
by samus May 11, 2004
Rupaul's Jewish cousin,
Ruben, can you recommend me a good mohel who doesn't overcharge?
by harry flashman July 09, 2003

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