A Hench,Cute,Handsome,Athletic person. A dude like Ruben is usually Tall, Fast he loves one girl with all his heart and he is a really good kisser.
I wish I was like ruben
by OlajideBT October 20, 2013
A guy who is just perfect, he can be emotional at times, but usually he's a great guy and is protective over his lover.
Hey have you heard of that guy Ruben? He's a great guy.
by Don't Have A Good Name November 19, 2014
ruben is an extreemly clever individual who is known to be ridiculously atractive. He is a fan of cats and has a sensitive element to him which tends to atract the oposite sex. He uses lord of the rings to seduce females
"wow your looking Rubenish today"
by kimlyn:) February 01, 2012
a cute ass potheaded mutha fucka who beasts it up on xbox live and is always burning his thumb when his parents go down the hill.
he is such a ruben, on the real though.
by rubenDaWG..XP July 07, 2011
A guy who is mixed with multiple ethnicity's who's very good looking. Who's caring and committed to loving one and only girl that catches his heart who's name just happens to be Jenny. he's very athletic, fit, has a great taste in music, an exceptional dancer, funny, smart, outgoing. Ruben is truly an amazing person which no other guy competes with.
Ruben loves his Bae.
by Santana Martinez June 02, 2014
A bad ass Puertorican who usually is really talented and funny also gets all the girls, he can slack off and people will do hes work for him some of the talents of a Ruben are usually Soccer, Skateboarding, surfing. Rubens are always very successful in life. Rubensare always gentlemen and always make a good boyfriend or husban rubens are always very popular and all the girls want him for his good looks athleticism and personality Rubens will always show you how to have a good time
Girl 1: omg did you see ruben today at the game, he looked so hit as always he even took his shirt off after the game omg he has a perfect body

Girl 2: Omg yes! i so have a crush on him hes so hot and athletic.

Girl 1: i wish he would notice me :(

Girl 2: ive only talked to him 3times and hes so nice and kind omg im in love!
Girl 1: ikr! me too!!
by rubens girlfriend but engaged December 18, 2013
A well thought out, methodical, and ruthless statement spoken with no fucks given. Often a metaphor, simile, or hyperbole, but can also be meant literally.
"She's gotta be the only person to get cancer and gain weight..."

"Wow that's real Ruben of you man."
by Jeezuradick October 10, 2015
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