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A confused, Mexican male that can’t even make up his mind of where he was born, he is usually an annoyance to his coworkers. He can’t hear and when he speaks one can hardly understand him. He is a complete IDIOT!
He is such a fucken Ruben!
by MJ03 May 12, 2009
25 94
a straight hater, someone who consumes a gallon of hateraid per day and cannot stand to allow anyone to br proud of themselves
man you hatin like ruben
by sgt July 26, 2007
21 90
Ruben a punk ass hater bean eating princess who thinks he's higher than other when he's a mark ass trick he tends 2 loves skeeza who got skeet on.
Hey Ruben your gay
Ruben why u hate
Ruben linda got skeeted on
by LoSt CuaZe June 17, 2004
28 99
small boy wanna be black kid who likes a !@#$%^&*() ugly ass gurl named Rosa De La Tora :P
a short but wanna be smarter kid than dylan white
by dick head May 04, 2004
10 82
1) A fat slob from American Idol
2) A fat mexican slob from Valencia High School.
Ruben Telez is a punk ass bitch.
by Dizdik April 16, 2004
11 93
gayest man ever want to be pimp cant get the ugliest gurl in school he sux at every sport and his dick is only 1/2 inch long when hes horny. but he got laid by his gay freind and he goes both ways he likes to wear thermal tighty whities and shows all the guys and he has the hairiest butt in the world he might be related to lisa and her hairy balls his weenie is so small you cant even see it because of his hair its like Dr. J's fro in his free time he wacks off to tub girl and he goes to lemon party when hes bored. he wishes he was in that old mans spot. he gets old men with old saggy ball sackarroonies his poop is way too big to go down the toilet go check u can see his poop with peas in it its very gross because its ruben poop or u can go find his hairy man boobs. you suck mouse dick all day. it's only 1/2 inch but thats okay. good luck finding it though through all the hair go buy a chainsaw to shave it first so you dont eat any hair. ruben will never have babies. ruben destroyed his babymaker. stephanie cut it off with her teeth. and ate thinking it was a cock tail weenie he had sex with a baby cuz he couldnt find some girl his own size. its too small 8- this a pic of his dick
he's the gayest man ever and so hairy he has to be a Ruben - pimp master

sheesh wheres your penis Ruben??? -
by the pimp master April 08, 2005
30 130