A funny ass dude who loves to be mean to others and lie a lot!
That Ruben is not cool!
by haha! December 22, 2004
noun. {female - rubenne} -pronunciation (ru-benn, ru-benn-e (female), ru-bahn or ru-bahn-e (female))

1. one who shuns social contact. i.e entertaining guests or verbal communication with friends.

2. Anti-social behavior during social events or just general anti-social behavior.

3. Acting like a tool.

note: Ruben is permissible as a nick name.

1. Trent often acts like a ruben.

2. He/she acts like such a ruben retreating to his/her room during this party/for days at a time.

3. Not participating/drinking (alcohol) at social events that require participation/drinking.
by Jacob & Red April 18, 2007
Rupaul's Jewish cousin,
Ruben, can you recommend me a good mohel who doesn't overcharge?
by harry flashman July 09, 2003
Someone who is both preppy, emo, scene, skater, tomboy.
Usually a girl.
Sometimes called a poser, becuase of changes of way she acts to what she feels.
When a guy is ruben he usually is that because emo isnt good enough for me, or wants to impress some chick.
Rubeners love to be loud at home but quite at school/work.
They also create new terms for everything
Guy- Your such a poser
Guy 2- I just change with my feelings
Guy- What are you trying to say ur Ruben?

(not a good example)
by Jessa West December 21, 2005
see skank A $2.00 whore that attends rio mesa high school. He makes a living off prostituiton.
ruben=jeremy's bitch
by bob vila May 30, 2003
The Fat man that could!
"Wow, Did you see ruben! he was sweating and all he did was move a few inches." I herd he ate the other contestants and threatened to eat and but fuck the producers if they didn't fix the hole damn fucking thing!
by shiznitz0r May 21, 2003
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