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alloy wheels for the car

originates from Leicester, T don
del : "seen my new car, just needs a little buff and a set of roys"

del : "yo, do you wanna buy some roys for your beemer?"
by yadaddytdon March 07, 2010
16 3
Derogatory term for a gay person. Short for roy g biv, the colors of the rainbow which is the symbol for gay pride.
Did that dude just check out my package? What a roy.
by 510 April 26, 2006
602 590
r=rumor,o=on,y=yard roy=rumor on yard. roy is a part of a type of prison slang pronounced roy
"I'm gonna start a r.o.y. that im a lesbian! -Kathy Griffin
by Saraiyu August 01, 2007
18 7
1) An excellent character from Super Smash Bros. Melee who really needs to comb his hair. He's also got a huge, flaming weapon called the Sword of Seals. Please note that 'flaming' refers to the state of being on fire, and NOT the Urban Dictionary definition of flaming. Roy is much cooler than that.

2) An annoying co-worker who insists on spending his time trying to permanently destroy any last bit of sanity you may still possess.
1) "You're playing as Roy again? Damn! I'm sick of being dismembered!"

2) "Damn it, Roy! If you don't shut up about your kid's stupid football team, I'll be forced to set fire to your cubicle!"
by shinjitsu May 31, 2005
234 223
To expel vomit over one's shoulder without breaking conversation, and continue like nothing happened.
I went to a party last night and I Roy'd everywhere. Thankfully I don't think anybody noticed.
by the_internet October 09, 2011
139 129
In a gay relationship, a Roy is the man in the relationship. He takes the top in bed. Taken from the ROY G BIV acronym used when describing rainbows.
Trevor is such a Roy. He's in there watching Monday Night Football while Chase is in the kitchen making fondue.
by Skatchmo January 16, 2009
192 182
Roy means red or king, two of which are very powerful. Red being the color of fire the burns brightly and king being he's a leader. He takes charge of himself and his loved ones. He's awkward, handsome, tall, has a scar on the right side of his face that runs from his temple down to his cheek from slaying a dragon while trying to save his princess from being kept in a tower by a spell that only true loves kiss can break hahahaha just kidding he got it when he was a child by accident. He is indeed a genuinely sincere person. He is someone who believes too much and loves too strongly. He has a lover that loves him more than he knows. Roy is a Queens King. He doesn't give up easily and never stops trying.
I bet he's a Roy!

Roys are so unique and rare!

If you come across a Roy, make him your baby daddy!

You're lucky if you found a Roy.
by SnoopieGurl October 12, 2013
10 1