In a gay relationship, a Roy is the man in the relationship. He takes the top in bed. Taken from the ROY G BIV acronym used when describing rainbows.
Trevor is such a Roy. He's in there watching Monday Night Football while Chase is in the kitchen making fondue.
by Skatchmo January 16, 2009
(noun) the act of saying something inappropriate at an inappropriate time.
oh FUCK i think i just pulled a roy
by turningmyswagon November 15, 2010
1) An excellent character from Super Smash Bros. Melee who really needs to comb his hair. He's also got a huge, flaming weapon called the Sword of Seals. Please note that 'flaming' refers to the state of being on fire, and NOT the Urban Dictionary definition of flaming. Roy is much cooler than that.

2) An annoying co-worker who insists on spending his time trying to permanently destroy any last bit of sanity you may still possess.
1) "You're playing as Roy again? Damn! I'm sick of being dismembered!"

2) "Damn it, Roy! If you don't shut up about your kid's stupid football team, I'll be forced to set fire to your cubicle!"
by shinjitsu May 31, 2005
A Character in the game ssbm that is so bad that the disc would probably break had he ever won a match. In the event that two Roys fight one another; the game would commonly freeze and the memory card's save data would corrupt to delete evidence of him ever gaining a win.
Person who isn't playing Roy: uhhh.... you need to pick a character.
Person who just picked Roy: Roy is a pretty cool guy, eh has fire and doesn't afraid of anything.
by Levi5 May 20, 2008
Originates from the football player 'Roy Keane'. Used to descibe someone who tries too hard or is too 'keen' to impress, or over excited about something. This has developed to being a 'roy'. Too keen - Roy Keane - roy.
'He was a total roy', 'I've met a right roy', 'Is your name roy?'
by Missyeggs February 10, 2008
r=rumor,o=on,y=yard roy=rumor on yard. roy is a part of a type of prison slang pronounced roy
"I'm gonna start a r.o.y. that im a lesbian! -Kathy Griffin
by Saraiyu August 01, 2007
Tendency to be edgy, overly religious at times but still remains to be pretty chill. Doesn't like to be interrupted, piss him off and he'll kick or punch you.

Has a tendency to do useless things that will get him nowhere in life, does bad in studies but still manages to come out on top with pure awesomeness in every other field.
".. I don't think your real name is Jeff, you seem like a 'Roy'."
by nothanksbabe January 09, 2015

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