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The street name for Toblerone, a substance sold in triangular chunks by dealers. There are different varieties, including white rone, the purest type on the market, and fruit and nut rone, the lairiest shit on the streets.
"Just did a crazy chunk of rone man"
by ronedealer October 10, 2011
19 4
A term used to refer to a cigarette, used only by the raddest of the rad.
Lemme get them rones nigga.
by Alex Beattie April 25, 2006
27 24
A popular drug among teenagers - Short for 'Toblerone'. Can induce hallucinations and ecstatic behavior.
Ah mate! I totally shouldn't have had so much Rone last night - I was fucked off my head!
by EddyTheLad October 10, 2011
9 8
sexual intercourse
Man did you rone with that girl last night.

I'm about to rone tonight.
by Jay162 March 05, 2010
10 15
Short for Ronies, Rones are Tits. Big tits.
Hey man, that Bitch have any rones?

Hell nahh dawg that bitch got no ronies!
by beatnet March 08, 2009
0 6
to yell or be angry towards someone
to "black out" on someone or "curse" someone out
oh my goddd did you see her ronin on that girl yo?

step down i'm about to rone on that bitch right now

did you see her rone?
by emily goldblum December 01, 2007
10 22