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Almost always male of gender. A great saxophone player. Has ligt brown dreamy eyes but very dark brown hair. Loves to show a girl a good time. Has a strong heart with great interests and intentions. Very smart. Innovative. Creative. One of the best people you will ever meet
-wow he's cool
-I know right?
-who is he?
-he must be jarad
by Spartanhunter88 July 04, 2015
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A Jarad is a crazy, outgoing, guy that usually has tattoos and/or facial peircings. A Jarad is usually with his shirt off and never with his socks on, never far from a joke and never close to anger. Jarads typically enjoy Metal Music and alcohol and are usually classified as scene
Jarad sure does have a lot of hair and tattoos!
by HotBahmiBard August 02, 2011
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