a verb signifying "lets go to" or "lets go" or "come."

it also means to have sex.
Romp dinner?

I romped her so hard last night!!

by kbnasty November 10, 2010
to fuck that ass up
Girl: Hey baby! Wanna cone over here and romp this pussy?
Boy: Hell yea let me just grab my jimmy.
Girl: Lol! I would never let you near this fine ass lmfao.
by bmxluvr0707 March 25, 2009
the act of forcefully thrusting another person or (foreign) object.
Man i just romped the shit out of that door knob.
Abby just romped the shit out of David, and he liked it.
Sarah just romped her dog...hard, and he squealed like a little pig...oink oink biotch.
by Abby Biotch February 11, 2008
to completely fuck somebody up.
billy: you see that fight last night?
jack: yeah man john totally romped his ass.
by ttocsja July 25, 2009
A great website www.romp.com & www.romp.net that provides a "you decide" type of Flash comic. If "you decide" correctly throughout the episodes you get LAID! BOOTYCALL! LATEEEEE
DAMN girl go to romp.com bitoootch and learn ya self to be a MASTER pimp. LATEEEE
by :BUDDY: January 20, 2004
to charge onto or over something with great force (see: Tromp)
in an attempt to escape certain death, we romped some fat woman's front lawn.
by Teh Whore September 09, 2003
to dominate with aplomb
hey honey! wanna romp this pussy?
by devdogg07 March 29, 2009

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