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To verbally, physically, or mentally destroy someone. This word can be used to describe or as an action
Jack:Yo Billy! Did you see Albright get romped by Randel?
Billy: Yeah that rompage was brutal!
by Joey RR February 05, 2007
59 18
to completely annihilate your opponent in a online video game.
Last night I was playing Halo and I romped this guy so bad the score was 25-3.
by Blazeablunt September 14, 2007
40 19
(Rawm-ped) To be sexually arroused. A word used to describe a horny state of being. To have a desire to fuck a person (or object, animal, etc.) In the fuckhole. A secret word to tell someone you are horny.
Boy: look at this spider on my leg!!
Girl: im romped.

Boy: lets do it.
by A MINOR DETAIL May 11, 2009
9 9
To be humped
John was romped by a stump
by ROmper August 16, 2003
16 27
To be given free, extra or more shit when someone gives something to you.
"My friend at Maccas romped me 12 chicken nuggets when I bought a 6 pack."
"He romped me an extra large cone 'coz it was my b'day."
"I got romped a free T-shirt, 'coz I bought so much shit."
by Diego August 26, 2003
6 25
a sexual activty
torrie romped jess
by jess August 14, 2003
11 31