To have fun.
Anna romped around town.
by mundayz November 13, 2014
Big tits
Daija has romps
by Rorza81 June 11, 2012
a verb signifying "lets go to" or "lets go" or "come."

it also means to have sex.
Romp dinner?

I romped her so hard last night!!

by kbnasty November 10, 2010
To fuck without mercy, so bad one might actually feel bad for the recipient.
Johnny: Did you hear about Bella getting romped?

Zach: Yea, i heard she got the donkeypunch

Johnny: Oh yea, don't forget that mean hot carl
by BlackDragon44 June 13, 2011
1. A word to describe the action of having sex

2. When -er is added it is usually used to describe an erection
1. "Dude last night I totally romped Pikachu!"
2. "Yo man I saw that nose and got a RAGING romper!"
by DaTurible3 July 23, 2010
to fuck that ass up
Girl: Hey baby! Wanna cone over here and romp this pussy?
Boy: Hell yea let me just grab my jimmy.
Girl: Lol! I would never let you near this fine ass lmfao.
by bmxluvr0707 March 25, 2009
To just go crazy in a 4x4 vehicle offroad, usualy a jeep.
"Dude yesterday I romped that trail off Route 49 in my jeep!"

"Man I just totaly romped through that mudpit!"
by BlueXJ67 February 13, 2009

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