to engage in a sexual activity, usually involving a penis. (69, analingus, fillatio, standing 69, doggy, mitionary, cowboy.)
Man I totally ROMP'd Connor last night, it was amazing!
by itsromp'ntimexD November 08, 2009
To just go crazy in a 4x4 vehicle offroad, usualy a jeep.
"Dude yesterday I romped that trail off Route 49 in my jeep!"

"Man I just totaly romped through that mudpit!"
by BlueXJ67 February 13, 2009
To go hard as fuck, and use your energy to maximum potential. When you are romping, you don't give a fuck about what people think! Can be used to describe someone who is on drugs, dancing, having fun, playing a sport, or just living life in general!
Avalon was romping so hard when she gave that lightshow!

Dude, we went ROMP the other night!
by Nicolebanana March 08, 2015
to straight up obliterate any compitition. to win easily. to shit on
get romped. i just romped those noobs. i just got straight up romped
by rompasoraus September 05, 2011
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