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a person who is both scene and emo
"anyone with straight black/other colour hair, eyeliner, who takes their profile picture from above them with their arm outstretched and has more than 1000 friends on their myspace is a sceno" said dave

"shut up n00b or i'll pwn you" said the sceno
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
1. A dismissive and sometimes aggressive response to an insult, order, question, or statement. Used, to my knowledge, mainly in Central Australia. Literally means "how about you?" or "it is, in fact, you" or "how about questioning yourself instead of me, my friend, my girlfriend, my parents etc?"

2.Can also express amazement, excitement, or disbelief at an individual.

3. Can be used to aknowledge a person's presence. (often spoken very quickly)

4. Recently replaced(sometimes) with the soulja boy lyric: "YOOOUUUUUU!!!!" - accompanied with an index finger pointed at the intended person
1. "Dude you're a complete and utter fuckwit. What did you steal Sean's bottle of vodka for?" response: "You now".

2. "Hey mate I just won 4 Million dollars in the lottery!" response: "You Now!!"

3. Walkng into a party: "You now tim, you now grace, you now lachy etc."

4. "Oi man, give us a drag of your durrie" response: "YOOOUUU!!!" a la soldier boy crank that
by declanisromped April 21, 2008
A shortened form of nothing. But adopted, at least in central australia, to also mean no one. Also replaces no as a prefix as in "Nuth-one" for no-one. Note: Everynuth is a way of expressing nuth/no very strongly.. as in do u like soulja boy? EveryNUTH!
Hey man did u buy any smokes? Nuth
Did anyone come over last night? Nuth
Who are u with? Nuth-one
by declanisromped April 20, 2008
(noun) A slang word for "Clear Eyes", a brand of eyedrops designed to make someones eyes look normal. Often used by young people who smoke marijuana to avoid being caught by parents, teachers etc.
Whose got clearies? Mum will be pissed if i rock up looking stoned!
by declanisromped April 20, 2008
The boganvilia is a native Australian flower. Boganvilia street is a euphamism for a place where a lot of bogans live.
I moved house and now all i see is dickheads in blue wife-beaters and footy shorts and ug boots pushing their toddlers round in shopping trolleys - its like living in boganvilia street
by declanisromped April 23, 2008
someone who is generally a bit sneaky; a snitch, snake, filthy cunt
this person will most likely ditch you at a shit party, steal your drugs and/or alcohol, sweet talk your girlfriend or hog the joint
can be applied in jest to mates
"Oi D'arcy left the band cos we were too heavy for him and then he went on our myspace and fucked it all up and deleted our songs and told hot girls we were gay... what a filthy fucking scrim rad!"

"Hey quit snaking the cone piece you scrim rad"
by declanisromped April 22, 2008
a play on the term break the seal
with punch replacing break and walrus replacing seal
subsequent urination throughout the night is known as slingshotting penguins
dude if u punch the walrus now you'll be sling-shotting penguins all night
by declanisromped April 21, 2008

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