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An a-shirt(undershirt) worn on torso. It has be nicknamed a wifebeater because in movies when a man is beating his wife he usually has on one.
It is hot outside so I will just wear a "wifebeater"
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006
What a drug dealer would say to a person who buys drugs. (DC, MD, VA term)
Aye, Tony I got dat!!
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006
A premiscous female who has had sex with a lot of people.
It will be easy to smash her she is a rolla.
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006
A slang terminology used for crack(DC term)
Did you know that Monica is hooked on the buttas now?
by SexxxyLadii July 13, 2006

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