Under the influence of XTC.
"I'm Rollin' Balls!!"
"Dawg, you tryin' to roll tonight?"
"Do you know where i can get some bomb rolls?"
by Nic M. December 28, 2007
used by the Ragin' Asian of Boulder, Colorado as a slang term; usually in a derogatory manner to describe the act of engaging in sexual intercourse with a women.
"i'm gonna roll megan tonight."
"i wanna roll that bitch."
by scott lawan April 29, 2006
1. Travel
2. Preparing a marijuana joint
1. Rollin' with the homies.
2. You got the weed? Let's roll.
by Minstrel March 06, 2003
1. To go somewhere, to roll to the movies.
2. To trip on any drug.
3. To roll a blunt or joint.
"When are they rollin'?"
"We were rollin' all night."
"Roll that mofo!"
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
1. Ryerson Off-Campus Living Link
2. An awesome Ryerson student that plans cool events, supports and helps first-year students living off-campus.
3. ROLL = Awesome
"Carmela is the coolest ROLL."
"Mai is an awesome ROLL."
"I love my ROLL."
by meladramatic August 23, 2008
Used mainly in gaming to mean beating someone by a large margin. Similar to own, but has more impact.
You just got rolled in counter-strike.
by Sliver85 July 05, 2006
Sports: To defeat another team or individual by a wide margin.
1. Miami rolled Temple in football, 63-0!!!
2. Temple Football sucks, they get rolled by four touchdowns every week!
by Jide September 30, 2005
megamans sister
rockman, roll, bass, forte, treble, and beat
Too fucking many music references
by ned schneebly April 28, 2004
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