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Spontaneus anger outburst due to overuse of steroids (one of it's side affects)

steROID Roid Rage
What the fuck man calm down, you got roid rage just chill.
by some polak November 08, 2004
excessive aggression due to the use of steriods
I think he must have had roid rage, becuase he tried to take a swing at me.
by Light Joker March 16, 2006
Anger brought on for no environmental or emotional reason, but instead arbitrarily from an excess of androgen in the body. Terms as such because it is often exitbited by those who use steroids incorrectly.

Testosterone naturally feeds the territorial pride instinct in man (both men and women), so roid rage is most likely just nature misguiding an individual to attack when there is no stake to claim or preserve.
When Bill toyed around with intramuscular testosterone abuse, it made him feel like a god, but caused him to lose his girlfriend after he hit her during a fit of roid rage.
by Sleightflow October 22, 2012
One of the world's biggest myths. The term is used to describe aggression, as seen from users of anabolic steroids. Usage of the term originates from (and now perpetuates) the myth that steroids make people aggressive.

In reality, increased testosterone improves mood, cognitive function, confidence, libido, and has many other positive effects as well. Some users have claimed, however, that they bring out who you really are. So if you're a dick with emotional problems, steroids will not fix your problems but just give you the balls to be an even bigger dick.

Many users of AAS are chicken-legged douchebags who have no business taking them to begin with. They end up killing themselves by doing stacks no intelligent bodybuilder would ever use, and using them 365 days a year.

A real phenomenon is when an AAS user completes their cycle. At this point, their body has not produced its own testosterone for a while, and they suffer a drastic decrease in T-levels. This LACK of testosterone can cause irritability and depression for a few weeks while the body struggles to play catch-up. But this is not caused directly by anabolic steroids (which testosterone is), but rather the lack of them.
Chris Benoit went roid rage and killed his family and himself. But as it turns out, the guy was just a complete dick with serious emotional problems.
by General Septem April 14, 2009
1)unwarranted rage resulting from intense steriod use.
3)see Mat Sadof
i get roid rage from sticking too many needles in my ass.
by jayz September 18, 2003
Where a person suspected of using steroids over reacts to something insignificant. It is assumed that this is because of a decrease in testicular size and the loss of the ability to control yourself. Note, most often occurs in males that play full/partial contact sports.
Did you see Steve after he lost his game of Rush 2049, has was totally roid raging!
by P-Stain July 29, 2005
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