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A lonely man completely devoid of any future. This creature is elusive creature can be found in the basement of his parental units home or lurking around the womens locker room. He lacks confidence and self esteem. These type of people tend to spend long hours role playing other characters so as to distance themselves from their own miserable lifes. If you ever encounter on of these please run as fast and far away as possible or they will suck the life right out of you, or give you raging hemroids broght on by sex with sheep.
Sorry Son. Your being a Rocee. You need to move out.
by Strongbads son August 05, 2004
a ridiculous, boisterous person who uses the internet as a source of strength and power; smacktard
Jan realized that guy is such a rocee.
by definer August 05, 2004
see smacktard.

An egotistical moron who covers there mistakes with more excuses.
Don't be such a rocee, you aren't persuading anyone.
by Galliant August 05, 2004
Ragin hemroidal puss brought on by sex with sheep.
Someone who is very alone and plays too many video games.
by Donut August 05, 2004
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