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When a girl's pussy has a wedgie and it looks like a camal toe.
That thong gave the slut a camal toe. It is so tight she should buy a bigger thong.
by Definer July 06, 2004
Intelligent and smart person. Very Very Intelligent to the edge of intelligence.
Omer recieved a noble prize of extreme smartness.
by Definer November 20, 2003
Possibly one of the greatest expressions ever. Used to show how much someone likes a concept or thing.

Synonyms include: Sweet, nice, kickass, all right, excellent, etc.
Mike - Dude, I got all the beer we need! Time to party!

Chris - Sweet shit!
by Definer October 13, 2004
1)To have ineffectual invisitext because of a lack of a pound sign(#) before the hex code in the COLOR tag-particularly appropriate when pointed out by someone using Mozilla Firefox
2)To be given effective computer advice laced with suggestions of Open Source alternatives for the problematic programs
1)Dammit, I got Arivia'd.
2)Try the config here...alternatively, switch to OpenOffice.org or Abiword...
by Definer August 11, 2004
An individual that lives to get screwed over. If he isn't begging to be screwed over, it's because he's under the process of currently being screwed. Consequent to this behaviour, they often find them selves in jail.

See also: inmate
<eld> Im in the same cell as a big fat rapist
<Ranto> :/ I pity the rapist... he'll be loosing respect around the joint.
<Ranto> He won't be taking his fill by force. Eld'll be begging for it.
by definer June 11, 2004
Clan made up of retards who think they can play games. Their heads fit perfectly into their asses. Cannot stand to lose.
SiNAgent Jones lost a match so he banned the person who beat him.
by Definer February 01, 2004
Gay idiot. Tries to speak l33t and sounds like a total idiot.
Troupe is an idiot
by Definer February 09, 2004
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