An online game run by several admins, such as BrightEyes, Telamon, ROBLOX, and many more brilliant minds. The community is filled with people from ages 5-30. Most of the new user-created games are terrible, but several classics and masterpieces exist. The shop in the game requires virtual currency called robux and tickets. 10 tickets are rewarded as a daily login bonus. You can build your own game for others to play. There are no viruses on the site, and the download is clean.
by orobeast October 24, 2011
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A game originally created in 2005. An online, "free", Lego-Like building game.
Local players would say that Roblox's community is getting worse and worse. Roblox is also giving less and less privileges to the players who do not pay for their exclusive Pay-With-Real-Money-To-Get-Advantages Club, "Builder's Club." (Also known as BC by the roblox community)
Most of the players on Roblox use Internet Slang, such as "Rofl", "Lol", "Lmao", "Wtf", etc.
Most players are around the ages of 7-12, and most of the time use bad grammar. (You can compare Roblox chat with MSN.)
Some of the "Popular" people on Roblox seem to be quitting the website. They usually claim that "The community is bad." Many of these people became famed on "Youtube" because of some videos recorded on Roblox.
Roblox is capable of you building your own "Place." Places are most like games, built with legos. To put it simply, they use Particle effects and "Lua" scripting. They also have a "Free Model" feature built in.
Since 2008, places have been mainly made with "Free Models", to create obstacle courses without the need to program your own game. Many veterans on roblox find this annoying, but new players find nothing wrong with taking the OpenSource work of others to create their own "Place."
The term "Noob" is very commonly used on Roblox. Most Roblox players have adapted to think that this term means "Idiot", "Idiotic", "Dumb", etc. The original meaning for this word is "New Player", however.
Hey, meet me on ROBLOX as 5:15
by brayofden February 05, 2010
A lego-type game that is becoming less fair to its' free players as time passes. A special membership know as builders club or BC of the players (also know as robloxians) is gaining more benefits so the company can gain more money. Such as them being able to purchase certain items that free-members can't. You have the ability to create a game for people to play. A free-model system was invented that lets you take designs from other people who choose to give it to you, and apparently using these makes you a noob. Usually 7-12 year olds play this, but it's starting to attract 13-even 20 year olds. Most of the people horribly miss-use the word noob, thinking it means idiot or loser.

A lot of the players are completely stupid and call anyone that has the ability to over-power them "hackers".
this is a typical argument on roblox

Player one: "ZOMG U YOU KILLED MEH, U H4xer. I is reporting you."

Player two: "How am i hacking?"

Player one: "BEC4USE J00 K1ll3d m3h!!!"

player two: "your point would be"

Player one: "Th4t j00 h4x and i r teh pwnz0r. r3p0rt1ng j00 n00b"

Player two: 'I don't care because the admins don't listen to false reports anyway.
by Lord anarchy June 09, 2010
Most definitely not free.
Telamon: Roblox, IT'S FREEEEEE
Me: *Points to the hats page of the catalog*
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
ROBLOX is best defined as a massive scam in the form of an online building game, orchestrated by the Evil Lord Shedletsky (a.k.a. Telamon) and his happy, friendly, game-programming 'friends'. In this amazingly crap and utterly boring (and yet somehow addictive to about 5 million children) game, you are tempted to waste about $30 a month on a so-called Builders Club subscription, which gives you virtual benefits so you can buy more unoriginal and idea-stealing hats created by ROBLOX's half-witted developers. If you don't want to do that, you will have to bear all the five-year-olds shouting "OMGZ I R BC SO I PWN U HAX!!! PWNZ0RED" in your blocky face every five seconds.

If you don't want to waste real-life money on virtual goods, then you can build 'places' (a bit like small games made of Lego-like bricks) using a buggy and half-written piece of software called Roblox Studio, which is based loosely on Microsoft's Visual Studio. However, if your IQ is too low (which is likely if you're playing ROBLOX at all) then you can use a dumbed-down building tool, which lets you insert endlessly 'free models' created by members of the community, so you can create obstacle courses jokingly nicknamed 'obbys' to get lots of place visits by random idiots with no grammar who seem to think that repetitive jumps over red 'lava' bricks that kill you on touch is fun.
ROBLOXian 1: omglol i luv roblux itz so fun lol rofl











by Fooby o'the Zeeky November 23, 2010
An online game with a terrible community based off Lego and little player created minigames. The games are otherwise fun, depending on the maker's creativity, but this community often ruins it. Most are known for hating a creation for the use of "free models" which are working creations that anyone can use. However, if you tried to make a good game, you would find this almost irresistible due to it's over-complicated system. Players are also known to lack the ability to read, or just choose not to read. Common phrases used: ZoMG Hax1!1, noob, nub, wut, FREE MODELS!!!, and other phrases to make it clear they hate everything about the player because of a simple lamp that they didn't bother making themselves.
Red Robloxian: I want the planet of red and blue to have peace!
(Blue Robloxian goes on attacking)
Red Robloxian: Can you even read?
Blue Robloxian: Nub!
by Magmoorpirate July 01, 2010
A game where you build things, visit other people's places and fight using weapons and tools that other people make using a scripting language called LUA.
ROBLOX. If you can imagine it you can build it!
by themarioman April 24, 2009
ROBLOX is a game filled with 7 year olds.
Because of that, you are reported for everything you do.
If you joined in 2005-2006, you are most likely to get hacked.
A typical ROBLOX conversation, courtesy of "cutie"

06er: Hi
06er: ._.
Hacker: *steals pass*
06er: D:
by Lavablop98 October 19, 2010
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