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when you've gone too far. In effect to 'overdose' on a joke or yourself.
Yo man you're OD'ing
by Gr8One24 May 06, 2003
Overdoseing or Overdoing
Making something out to be something it isnt or blowing things out of proportion

Or Doing More Than Enough Drugs At 1 Time
Larry:Dude..I Heard You Fucked Jen
Seth: Man You Are O-D-ing
by AkuaNura May 14, 2008
Exclamation: Expressing anger, surprise, or frustration. Slightly fresh, possibly cute.
Karla: O Ding! Did you see that? Marilyn just fell off the roof!

Zooey: No, is she okay? I was at a Scout Niblett gig where she was playing Spooka music.

Karla: O Ding, I did not realise that Scout was playing here.
by untroduction September 19, 2010
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