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A gay man who strives to get as much cock as possible. Practices incest nightly with his father and chats up boys.
There is nothing this man won't do in order to get some more cock, nothing.
Gayboy1 - Hey girl, did you enjoy the party last night?
Gayboy2 - Yeah, I got so much cock it was coming out of my ears!!
Gayboy1 - Wow! You're such a robbo!
by David J Wild March 27, 2008
a sweet ass ho.. better than andrew...and is a hella cool dude
Robbo made andrew his bitch
by joobagel December 31, 2004

a sloth, sleeps most of the time. Slow, lazy, reads fucking a random books(usually to do with dragons and wizards).
God, your such a robbo!
by Malanthius March 02, 2004
man with no pain thresholds, abbriviation for the name robinson or robberts
ohh my gosh that is so robbo. Hey robbo howz it going
by t robinson March 07, 2007
A name commonly used in Gravesend for someone who simply 'flexes' to scare off undesirables and who's father is affiliated to several bookmakers
Look at that Robbo over there having a flex
by jingleberry July 02, 2006
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