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sanskrit word for "Light"
the sun creates Prakash
by jigga1234 January 10, 2010
55 10
The greatest person in the world....
He is prakash.
by prakash November 11, 2003
104 62
An Indian man born in Wisconsin that starts out their life as a weakling, but with the help of his fly friends will become the strongest Indian on the Cross Country team. He will sell meat at school and PwN any Kennedy alive.
Dang, ive never seen an Indian man that buff.....Must be a Prakash.
by Moosefrk21 November 04, 2010
19 11
A fat Indian who's sweaty sometimes but is the funniest person out there. He's the topic of every conversation and even your parents talk about him.
Your mom: "I think I'm going to name my baby Prakash."
You: "That is such a respectable and lovely name."
by KoyaTheCat August 25, 2010
14 15
Prakah Amar - often refered to as "Prakash" the great warrior in the early 17th century that slayed thousands upon thousands of muslims in India. It is believed that his empire of a mere 500 soldiers killed up to 11000 muslims and raped/impregnated their women
Muslims fear of Prakash, young muslims are tld of bedtime stories "beta chup hoja naytha prakash ne thino mardalana"
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
50 53