Rob - One who is an over controlling and self-assured jerk. Can also be described as a person who is likely to brag about his newest Statistics vocabulary to make himself seem smarter.
A Rob- Well you see since the sample size is so large I can calculate with a 95% confidence that we will see a ten percent to fifteen percent on our ability to......

Normal person- "Shut up!!! Your being such a Rob!!!
by Team .S.tell.A.rS. April 07, 2008
An individual either mentally unable or simply unwilling to make plans in advance for anything in life.
Don't be such a Rob.
by manda jo and the furbettes August 12, 2010
Also known as Rip Off Bitch - a woman that pretends to be a woman that will provide Escort services, but instead steals the money and runs.
I called the Escort Agency, and asked to see the barely legal 18 year old girl in their Ad. They sent a 35 year old Rip Off Bitch R-O-B instead! She kept charging me more and more money, but didn't even let me touch her. Then when I complained, she ran outside and disappeared!
by Angry Al September 08, 2005
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