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thinks he's greater than he is and tells you about it all the time. to the point where u laugh because he sounds pathetic. sucky attitude. insecure. arrogant. would take your last dollar from u and not care. not a true friend especially not to women. he only wants one thing, plus your money if your dumb enough. not easy to relax around. never admits when he is wrong and causes alot of problems because of his overly sensitive pride issues. gives off dirty vibes and brags about being with alot of women. doesnt really care about how u feel but will fake like he does to get u in bed. stay away from a Rob he will only play games and make u feel like shit. Never realizes there are consequenses to his actions and when u act mean back to him he acts like the complete innocent victim.
girl1: Wow he totally ignored my texts to chill tonight.

girl2: Must be Rob. You know he doesnt care about how you feel.

girl3: Are u talking about that loser who thinks hes a God in bed? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa

girl4: You kno he'd give u AIDS and not even care or get u pregnant and disappear.

girl5: Lets not even waste time thinking about that boy. You need a man with a heart.
by infectedwithpoison May 31, 2011

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