A great guy you can easily fall in love with but their shyness and awkwardness just gets in the way and you're left regretting you didn't give it a shot.
Girl 1: That guy Rob you used to date, he was awesome.
Girl 2: Yeah, Rob was great.
Girl 1: Do you still speak to Rob
Girl 2: Not really, I just wish he would call.
by booknerdinlondon July 13, 2014
Random Occuring Boner. This usually happens when a hot ass girl walks by you in the middle of class, you look at her, and POOF. Instant boner and instant embarrassment. Congratulations my friend, you have a ROB.
Tyler: "Dude, you need to get your ROB under control."
Grant: "Ahhhh man, she's so hot though. Oh shit, look away!"
Tyler: "That was disgusting as fuck, man."
by HEHMKM June 29, 2013
the act of masturbating and attempted to ejaculate in ones mouth but missed and you got a loadfull in the eye instead.
so i was going for a nate last night and ended up with a rob instead.
by junk monk April 17, 2012
A big hairy ape like creature, with no penis. although if you ask him he will brag about it being huge.

Can also be a queer asshole with no life
wow dude he is a total rob
by rob frank tylerson March 17, 2008
runnig over bitchs runnig over bitchs runnig over bitchs
my name is r.o.b.my name is r.o.b.my name is r.o.b.
by evan lee February 20, 2005
Synonymous to 'rage'.
Hence, to 'Rob' is to rage, and gives rise to such terms as 'Rob quitting' and 'ROB ROB ROB ROB'
Rob: "Guys, I'm not in the mood"
Someone Else: "That's what she said"
Rob: "That's it, I'm out."

*Server: Rob has left the server*
Someone Else: "Dude awesome he just Rob quit.
by The Anonymous Informant May 12, 2009
rip off bitch, someone who charges alot for an unsatisfactory product/item or a small amount of a satisfactory product/item
damn those hindus who run the qwik-mart are rob's
by klandathu February 21, 2005
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