Synonymous to 'rage'.
Hence, to 'Rob' is to rage, and gives rise to such terms as 'Rob quitting' and 'ROB ROB ROB ROB'
Rob: "Guys, I'm not in the mood"
Someone Else: "That's what she said"
Rob: "That's it, I'm out."

*Server: Rob has left the server*
Someone Else: "Dude awesome he just Rob quit.
by The Anonymous Informant May 12, 2009
A big hairy ape like creature, with no penis. although if you ask him he will brag about it being huge.

Can also be a queer asshole with no life
wow dude he is a total rob
by rob frank tylerson March 17, 2008
Somebody who is very special as well as dopey.
They are very smart, kind, lovable, caring, cute, and dayuuum HOT.
They are also amazing friends and great company :) they are people that everybody would love, and are very entertaining and funny.
You are so dopey , what a Rob?
by DopeyMinds November 27, 2011
to 'rob' is a term originated from northern england which means to 'steal' or 'take something unlawfully'. To be 'On the rob' is an extension of this term, and is used when someone is stealing numerous things in a shop, or is planning to 'rob' a house. The term is probably derived from the word 'robber' in 'Bank Robber'
"The gypos are on the rob, you want a DVD player for £20"

"I was just walking along, minding my own, when this seagul swooped down and robbed me chips!....gutted"
by louista May 10, 2007
rip off bitch, someone who charges alot for an unsatisfactory product/item or a small amount of a satisfactory product/item
damn those hindus who run the qwik-mart are rob's
by klandathu February 21, 2005
Acronym for "Randomly Occurring Boner." This is when a male gets an erection in a non sexual situation, usually in awkward or inopportune times.
I don't know if I can hire you Mr. Peterson, as you had a ROB for most of this interview.
by Billy the Bum August 27, 2010
Reasonable Or Bullshit
A simple logic test one should apply to suggestions or ideas from certain friends named Rob. Ask yourself, "is what Rob just told me Reasonable Or Bullshit?".
This should be one of the guiding principles in judging any situation in life concerning friends named Rob. It's an invaluable test that will prevent you from getting screwed over again and again.
Chico, I think we just got ROB'd! Rob told us that he wouldn't bring anyone else fishing in Tionesta this year and he showed up with 5 friends from work. Now we are stuck paying for these freeloading assclowns fishing and golf weekend!
by twinpeaker August 10, 2008

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