Random Occuring Boner
That chick is so hot. I'm popping a R.O.B right now
by datguy007 January 26, 2011
Also known as Rip Off Bitch - a woman that pretends to be a woman that will provide Escort services, but instead steals the money and runs.
I called the Escort Agency, and asked to see the barely legal 18 year old girl in their Ad. They sent a 35 year old Rip Off Bitch R-O-B instead! She kept charging me more and more money, but didn't even let me touch her. Then when I complained, she ran outside and disappeared!
by Angry Al September 08, 2005
Recognizable Ownable Bitch
Don't be such an R-O-B.
by Bill January 05, 2005
A sweet man who has the capability to make you smile in even sad situations. Someone with whom you want nothing more than to be in his arms.

It's also said that a Rob has an unusually thick penis.
I was very sad today but then Rob made smile.
by yourbfffff March 09, 2015
R.O.B stands for "random occurring boner"
Joe: " I got a R.O.B. while giveing an English presentation.
by XX_SWAGMASTER_XX December 23, 2014
Mainly use when someone's driving, it means Run Over Bitches
Man I'm tempted to ROB
by Zanthony May 23, 2014
A drug dealing astro faggot.
Wow you really are rob. Guess you are going to jail.
by NickJr February 18, 2015

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