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1. When a person is being rude, acting like a douche, ill tempered or short with you.
2. When someone is distancing themselves from a social atmosphere or acting out of character.
Examples include for instance: studying, not wanting to eat at a taco bus, going to bed before 2am, and not wanting to grind with hot girls.
Mario was being roachy because he didn't want to grind with Brittney.
Celin is acting roachy twards Stephanie.
That boy was so roachy, he ate a live worm.
by guest1234567 December 19, 2011
9 4
When one man takes a shit then covers his dick in that shit and another man eats the shit of the dick then vomits that shit back into the first man's mouth.
Ian gave Anthony a nasty Roachy last night and gave him pink eye.
by Mike Dolan April 26, 2008
13 20