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When engaging in a threesome that involves two guys and one girl, the golden rule states that it's not gay.

It's not gay when its in a three-way
Girl: I'll only take both of you

Josh: No way, that's gay!

Andy: Don't forget the golden rule bro! it's not gay when it's in a three-way, its ok when it's in a three-way, with a honey in the middle and some leeway, it's not gay when it's in a three-way.
by jolzz May 28, 2011
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It's OK when two men participates in a three-way with only one women.
Women: Hey, boys I want you both
I hope that you think that's cool
I know most guys won't freak together

Men: But she forgot about the Golden Rule
It's OK when it's in a three-way
It's not gay when it's in a three way.
by Turak May 30, 2011
The golden rule simply states that, " it is not gay if it's in a three-way." The three-way is when three people have intercourse in one setting. As long as two guys are having sex with at least one girl, it is not gay.
"Everyone should live by the golden rule."
by The sleepy sloth March 08, 2014
1 - A term referring to how an individual person treats others based to the way that same individual treats wants to be treated.
The golden rule is not necessarily the same for everyone because not all people want to be treated the same way.
by tithos December 17, 2014
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