Riverside is a very knit-tight community in So Cal. Guys and Girls from the inland empire areas are from Riverside. Drive lifted trucks, wear flat-bill hats, wear black socks. Drink Monster, Mountain Dew, and Beer. Brands worn are normally Fox, Alpine Star, Skin, No Fear, etc. Listen to bands such as Blink-182, Social Distortion, and country music. Guys from Riverside are usually hot and muscular mostly hispanic and white. Girls from Riverside are usually hispanic and white and super hot. Just like the guys, they can range from slutty to sweet and decent. Residents of Riverside are commonly proud to be from Riverside. All the guys/girls from orange county, non inland-empire, who drive lifted trucks, wear flat-bills are wannabe's when there is no place to off-road in the O.C. and non-inland empire.
Oh, that bro is from Riverside.

Damn, look at that hot girl from Riverside.
by Due31 November 17, 2010
A western suburb of Chicago. A terrible place to be. Who ever designed this town was a dumass. No streetlights fuckin 100 streets in a quarter mile radius. The girls here are sluts who give more pussy than a pet store. fuck this town
Fuck Riverside. I go here and encounter the fuckin clap in female walkin form and then can't get out cuz the streets don't make no sense
by harrisonpoulos January 10, 2008
A city more exciting and amazing than New York or L.A. A city rich with history,fun, and cooler than cool people!The city with the best clubs,food and atmosphere. A place where you can never get bored!
Riverside teenager: Man i don't wanna live NOWHERE else but here!!!
by John W. North June 09, 2011
Riverside a 1/4 square mile town with 13 churches and 22 liquor licenses. Its commonly reffered to as Reeferside its a town where all the girls are smuts Weed is smoked more than Ciggarettes and believe me people are looked down upon if they arent smoking by the age of 10 oh yeah and look out for the baby thugs.
YO come down to riverside and well all get wasted. Riverside Is in Burlington County Newjersey Bout 10 miles north of Camden
by Timothy J Kenney January 30, 2005
Newport's premier customised car meeting point and drag strip.
oh spa! I'll race youz at duh Riverside, innit!?
by Babs September 12, 2004
a poor aria of cardiff in wales
only thugs cum from the streets of riverside
ihs all abou riverside baby !
by jinimanshabba October 29, 2008
A great little pizza place, located on Harsens Island, Michigan. Has some of the best pizza and knots around.
Lets go to Riverside for Knots
by Riverside Grocery August 06, 2008

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