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Riverside is a very knit-tight community in So Cal. Guys and Girls from the inland empire areas are from Riverside. Drive lifted trucks, wear flat-bill hats, wear black socks. Drink Monster, Mountain Dew, and Beer. Brands worn are normally Fox, Alpine Star, Skin, No Fear, etc. Listen to bands such as Blink-182, Social Distortion, and country music. Guys from Riverside are usually hot and muscular mostly hispanic and white. Girls from Riverside are usually hispanic and white and super hot. Just like the guys, they can range from slutty to sweet and decent. Residents of Riverside are commonly proud to be from Riverside. All the guys/girls from orange county, non inland-empire, who drive lifted trucks, wear flat-bills are wannabe's when there is no place to off-road in the O.C. and non-inland empire.
Oh, that bro is from Riverside.

Damn, look at that hot girl from Riverside.
by Due31 November 17, 2010

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