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3 definitions by harrisonpoulos

A person who is anti-drugs, anti-alcohol, possibly anti-social. Sometimes considered to be a trife. Antis typically keep to themselves and keep there horizons thin.
That bitch is such an anti not only does she refuse drugs and alcohol she also is talkin behind my back. What a d. Her friends are antis also.
by harrisonpoulos February 04, 2008
11 6
Public Action to Deliver Shelter. A group based out of Chicago, for the homeless and hungry.
PADS is a good place to eat a meal.
by harrisonpoulos January 10, 2008
27 28
A western suburb of Chicago. A terrible place to be. Who ever designed this town was a dumass. No streetlights fuckin 100 streets in a quarter mile radius. The girls here are sluts who give more pussy than a pet store. fuck this town
Fuck Riverside. I go here and encounter the fuckin clap in female walkin form and then can't get out cuz the streets don't make no sense
by harrisonpoulos January 10, 2008
47 65