9 definitions by cmkrcs1

Expression used to state dissatisfication with your current location.
See also: Riverside
by cmkrcs1 October 12, 2004
six-legged little creatures that are fun to torture and kill in creative ways (like decapitating them with an electric razor), and if you don't they will come in your house and steal your food and run you out.
My bathroom is full of the corpses of ants who tried to take my toothpaste.
by cmkrcs1 December 04, 2004
My choice of hairstyles.
I'm so sexy with my mullet.
by cmkrcs1 October 12, 2004
The Bank of Springfield
It's where Homer gets his money from.
by cmkrcs1 April 12, 2005
The most overrated state in the U.S.
I wish I lived in Michigan.
People insult California because they hear the stereotypes and are secretly jealous. If they would just visit here they would see that it's just lame. No go make fun of Texas and stop wasting my time. California blows.
by cmkrcs1 December 01, 2004
The crappy city in the 951 where I'm unfortunate enough to live. People call Riversidians white trash but that's not true because the place is (unfortunately) 70% mexicans and 25% blacks.
by cmkrcs1 October 12, 2004

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