describing a powerful xtc tablet, the 'ripper' is meaning it was a fucking good xtc tab (only) , very trippy and rushy - kind of like highest order xtc description from hardcore (ab)users
that pill i dropped in the niteklub last night was a fucking ripper - i was peaking for hours.

That pill was a right ripper - i was rushing like fuck for hours...
by SCoupland July 05, 2006
The word ripper is usually code for many different words. Most of these words are:
Drug Dealer
Pocket picker
and anyone who spreads Drugs, sex or violence
Marla was known as the ripper of the town.

Stay away from Rodney, he's a hardcore ripper.

I hear that Greg is now a ripper, and he even sells Crack.

Make sure Kevin doesnt steal anything from your house tomorow. He is known to be a ripper.
by cheese man123 July 27, 2005
Slang for a strip club (any strip club/nudie bar/"Gentlemen's Club" featuring "exotic dancers"). Personal Note: this is not the origin of my name.
"Wanna go by the ripper's tonight?"
"Shit yeah, I've got a hundred bucks in fives in my wallet."
by The Ripper January 06, 2005
A person who specializes in making money by "ripping" the marijuana patches of others and then selling the stolen drugs.
I got back to my patch and the rippers had stolen all the plants.
by Sam Tanner November 20, 2004
A girl who is usually underage but sports all the latest provacative styles and is an easy target to score with.
i cocked that ripper then dropped her off at her house because she had to be home by nine.
by Entoxica February 25, 2004
Any dude who is beyond fast on a BMX or Mountain Bike. Can beat anyone on any day, fast as hell on a bike.
That dude is a ripper, he beat everyone all day on the BMX track.

He is a ripper for his age....
by C.J. Thomas November 12, 2006
a term members of crip gangs call eachother. Originally from the term Rip Ryder
"Aye cuzz you a ripper?"
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006

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