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A trend that was started by Shaq.
Did you see that episode of "Cribs" where Shaq had these rims on his car that keep spinning when the car stops?
by troll January 05, 2005
9 8

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Every little ghetto boy's dream for the future...
Little James wished for Rims that keep spinning every time you stop for his birthday wish...should have said world peace, but that's him...
by RatchetBoo July 26, 2003
35 10
An attachment to the rim on the tire of a car that spins independantly from the motion of the car; allowing it to continue spinning once the car has come to a complete stop.
Terrell slammed on his brakes to keep from running the kid over. The rims on his lexus were spinning furiously; letting everyone on the street know just how fast he had been going
by Jaycen Winters November 18, 2003
10 7
the most pimped-out car accessory available, very rare.
430 Lex with convertible top, and the rims keep spinning every time I stop.
by Nick D February 27, 2003
21 19
A rim of a car which has a outter rim that keeps spinning once you stop your car.
When I stop my rims keep spinning every time I stop.
by Solominnii Pattacciini April 13, 2003
4 6