a stupid person who cheats on ppl whenever he gets the chance. his skinny jeans are way too tight and he looks like a girl.
a guy who like a girl is ricky
by howard is a cool name February 21, 2010
1.An inconciderate asshole who never is loved or never ever gets laid.

2.An abnoxious fratboy who thinks he is the awesomest thing on the earth.

3. Runs his mouth and then whe you do something, he runs away.
1. my brother

2. person 1:Did you see Ricky?

person 2:Wasn't he the guy who got raped?

Person 1: Yeah he was so drunk he cried. AHAHAHAHAHA

3. Self explanatory.
by ginja_boy May 17, 2010
A pudgy person who has a tail. He/She can fly by urinating out of their anus onto other Rickys. They often fly nude and an example of a ricky would be Bob Saget.
"Is that naked person flying?"

"Yes thats is an example of a ricky!"

by Ricky Montoyas April 06, 2009
Ricky - noun

Synonyms - Ignoramus, numskull, imbecile, blockhead

Shortened version of the usage ricky retardo.

Used to describe a person who is retarded in character, but is not limited to that.

A person who you work with that is the biggest dumb shit known to man. They do and say the stupidest fucking things on a routine basis.
That fucking bitch, Mary, has been the biggest ricky, today.

Hey, who let the ricky out?
by King Donald January 13, 2010
A boy with umbrella hair.
It's gonna rain, lucky Ricky.
by [x]tina July 21, 2006
the fattest whore ever
look how big that whore is must be a ricky
by steven demeules January 12, 2009
cashew dick or dick that looks like a peanut or cashew
O shit man your gf told me that u have a ricky
by brendan smif December 01, 2007

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