The act of pooping in the shower, while taking a shower. Then pushing the poop with your toes down the shower drain.
(girlfriend) The shower smells like shit?! Did you Ricky?

(boyfriend) Maybe.....
by the truth cum1234 March 08, 2011
(noun, derived from the German word "rechts", meaning right)

1. To make a right.
As they tried expediently to evade the burgeoning arm of the law, and as the end of the road beckons, his friend yelled with desperation, "Pull a ricky on this bitch, will you?!" It was one hell of a ricky, too, but done properly enough to give the mad coppers the slip.
by The Avenue Majestic May 02, 2011
One who cuts them self in a peculiar place with a peculiar object to seek approval and/or the attention of his/her peer.
The Boittier may often expurgate the severity of the cut to "impress" or show off to peers.
Dude Jim cut himself on his thy with a butter knife.

Yeah, total Ricky.
Did you see Jane cut her ear with a tooth pick?

Yeah, total Ricky.
by my banana earlobes. November 05, 2011
One who is butthurt and/or causes others to become butthurt.


A police officer
"Dude, stop being so ricky right now."
"Sorry dude, my bad, I'm ricky"

"Slow down there's a ricky RADARing and you're going 10 over the speed limit"

"Dude, put the blunt down, we're about to drive past a ricky"
by SaintLionheart November 12, 2011
a hairy arse hole
Can someone come shave my ricky
by sjkaerhkl;bhAQTJ September 08, 2011
A Bermudan with a Canadian fetish
Ricky thinking Dan is sexy
by OmgItzDanxD March 09, 2011
A jerk, a player and someone you shouldn't keep in your life. Ricky is a toolbag although he tells you he likes you in the beginning
Ricky lied about loving me
by Hiddenbehindthesmile June 13, 2011

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