One-third of the trio of protagonists (along with Julian and Bubbles) in the Canadian comedy series Trailer park boys. Ricky is played by Robb Wells.
Ricky growing up was the cool kid in the park (at least according to Corey and Trevor), however in his adult years all he's done is go to jail, grow dope, live in a car, and get drunk and shoot guns. He frequently uses incorrect pronunciations of words (Cannepillar, Nay-sa for NASA, etc.) and goes on rants which leave everyone wondering what the fuck he just said. These speech habits are referred to as "Rickyisms".
Despite seeming somewhat unintelligent on the outside, Ricky has a great deal of experience and knowledge in "practical" fields, such as growing dope and stealing car parts, and of course, playing hockey. He also has a good heart and seems to want to satisfy his love interest Lucy, who is the mother of his daughter, Trinity, who Ricky loves unconditionally.
He is also able to extract cigarettes from Trevor any time he wishes, simply by delivering the catchphrase "Let's go, 2 smokes" or "Smokes, let's go"
"I plan to get drunk as fuck tonight, DRUNK AS FUCK! (echoing) drunk as fuck...drunk as fuck...."
(cuts to Ricky laying face down on the street)
by TPB Fan September 20, 2007
The male equivalent of a Flo. A loudmouth redneck that turns obnoxious and wants to fight once he has had any alcohol. He starts fights but if someone busts his hole, he immediately starts spouting Oh God, and gets religious because he thinks he’s about to die. Someone you would want to beat to death with a plastic thermos.
Two people watching the movie Falling Down
Movie watcher 1: Watch this, this is my favorite part

Nick: You want freedom? I'll give you fucking freedom! takes out some handcuffs

Nick: You're going to jail, motherfucker. How's that for freedom? Freedom to get fucked up the ass by some big buck nigger. Give me your other hand! He's gonna be right behind ya, just like this. You're gonna like that, faggot fuck! Give me your other hand!

Bill Foster: I can't.

Nick: Why not?

Bill Foster: Gravity.

Nick: Gravity? What the fuck does that mean?!

Bill Foster: I'll fall down.

Nick kicks Bill, making him fall down

Nick: Give me your other hand! Give it to me! Give it to me! GIVE IT TOO ME!

Bill turns around and stabs Nick in his shoulder

Nick: Oh God, this isn't one of mine, Oh God.

Bill Foster: Freedom of religion. Now you get it. Feels good to exercise your rights, doesn't it? (opens fire on Nick, shooting him through a mirror)

Movie watcher 1: He acted like some bad ass Nazi but he was just a fucking Ricky
Often dresses in black A Ricky will also wear hoodies over work clothes for apparently no reason, even on hot days, but has really nice ounce you get to know him/her. Likes to talk with people that he/she knowns. Cute as you know them.

That boy is sorta weird, but he is sorta ricky.
by Unknown_Person December 15, 2007
U.S. Navy term for recruit, but only when used as an adjective to describe an item or event related to recruit life.
Ricky Laptop: Spiral notebook
Ricky Scissors: Fingernail clippers
Ricky Ninja: Sneaky person who plays pranks while others are sleeping
Ricky Boxing: Masturbation
Ricky Naked: wearing PT shorts and a white t-shirt (the minimum uniform allowed outside the head)
Ricky Vacuum: one recruit puts a sock on each arm and another recruit pushes him around the room wheelbarrow style in order to clean the floor.
Ricky Heaven: the place where candy bars and pizza are purchased and phone calls home are made.
Ricky Girlfriend: See ricky boxing
by fourthrowe August 11, 2007
A person who thinks he is reptar and wants any girl uder the age of 16
hey dude that guy is such a Ricky the way he is going up to Kaitlyn like that
by Stephanie Benioux July 24, 2009
Ricky: An otherwise inferior person, known for their greasy hair, inability to read, lack of proper English and looking as repulsive as it gets. Most likely will contribute nothing to society. In short, someone who sucks at life.
Tom: wow, look at that guy with the mullet over there dude, he looks like such a scrub.

Bobby: scrub? that guy is to dirty to be a scrub, that's a ricky.
by SJArends November 15, 2010
The the most individual in the entire world, obsessed with the colour grey. No one should have the misfortune of being turned into such a grey abomination by this person. He is so uptight, and boring- that a device (rumoured to be used by Hitler himself) has been attached to his testicles to remove them from the inside of his body- rumoured to be the cause of his blandness.
Guy1: Hey, it's sunny and there's not a cloud in the sky- let's just be outside!

Ricky: Hey

Guy1: I think I'd like to go inside and sit in a wet cardboard box instead.
by Testiclepuller68 July 27, 2010

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