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Randal: A close offspring to a Ricky, most likely found lurking around the high school drama halls. In almost every way similar to that of a Ricky, with the exception of possibly getting a job, unlikely however to hold said job.
Tom: Can you believe that kid over there, he looks like such a Ricky.

Bobby: That kid is not a Ricky, He washed my car last week, he's just another Randal.
#ricky #hick #scum #trash #mullet
by SJArends November 15, 2010
Ricky: An otherwise inferior person, known for their greasy hair, inability to read, lack of proper English and looking as repulsive as it gets. Most likely will contribute nothing to society. In short, someone who sucks at life.
Tom: wow, look at that guy with the mullet over there dude, he looks like such a scrub.

Bobby: scrub? that guy is to dirty to be a scrub, that's a ricky.
#dirtball #randal #scum #repulsive #trailer trash
by SJArends November 15, 2010
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