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A code-name for Marijuana. Something you would say around your parents.
Hey man, let's go chill with Rick today!
by SamPhenomenal August 07, 2009

To place a phone call to someone while driving for the sole purpose of relieving boredom.
caller: Hey, Billy... what's going on?
callee: I'm at work, what do you need?
caller: Nothing... just driving to my Grandparents... just ricking you.
by johnconnor79 May 19, 2009
A guy who professes to be Christian but is actually a hypocrite and a fraud. This particular person cannot be trusted. He is good at manipulation by his use of words and sweet sounding promises, but his actions will sing a different tune.
by 2473746 July 28, 2010
A totally nice guy, great friend but has no balls when it comes to dumping and has a symptom of "skype cahooneys"
-on skype- "YOUR A GAY"
-other person- "dnt do a rick on me"
by Lifelovesmen May 27, 2010
when referring to "ranger rick", a slang term for any kind of park ranger/fish&game cop. it is a noun but can also be used as a verb. example: "we almost got ricked for not having the right permits..."
camper 1: "was that rick that just drove by?"

camper 2: "yeah, make sure you have your fishing license..."
by seas August 04, 2008
A cocky guy who stands like a tool, usually stemming from excessive drinking or boosting of ego. It presents with a nonchalant stance, hat/glasses included, boldly displaying his muscular physique. Little is he aware that he is blinding all those around him with his reflective white skin, which prevents them from seeing lack of said muscles. This guy will also puke on your balcony and beside your bed.
"Look at that kid standing next to the pool, who stands like that? Seriously!"

"Definitely a Rick, what a tool."
by Canadian Boobs May 11, 2010
Dishonest and criminal personality, often abusive too
He ricked that poor girl and left her behind broken
by Boeli October 16, 2010