1) A person who knows everything

2) A person who needs shoelifts

3) A person that nobody likes

4) A sack
That kid is such a Rick...he thinks he's the shit, but nobody fucking likes him.
by J. Slos February 13, 2010
Petrea, whore, egore, and a hott whore who you can't stop loving.
Rick turns all the heads as he walks down the street with a draggin leg.
by Mae Bess March 12, 2009
When something bad just happened, or when something has been screwed up.
Originating from the motion picture "Dude! Wheres my Car?" In the scene where the two lead characters find out that their car has been impounded their only response is "Rick..." (Rick is the name of the officer who accidently sent their car to impound)
"Rick dude that sucks."
"Mega-Rick that guy just hit my car."

Rita:"Johnny I have a confession..."
Johnny:"Whats up?"
Rita:"I'm cheating on you..."
by Kyle Gene Campbell August 20, 2007
Faggot with a capitol F. He likes to take it in the butt. HE has a big lying problem and makes friends want to hate him. He has either a broke to no dick. He gets his ass beat by girls. He likes cocks in his mouth. He's a pussy and don't like him. Any dick will do for rick.
Dude your being a Rick.
by 1440444 May 12, 2010
A freakishly tall douchebag from Ontario. Rick appears to have down syndrome, but apparantley can do things that other normal people can do, and has even gone as far as reproducing. Rick is also clever in the sense that he makes things up out of the blue, and is also very controlling and manipulative with women.
"Oh my god here comes a sasquatch with down syndrome!" Oh wait, it's just Rick
by justplayin33 February 04, 2010
To kill and animal or person while hunting, usually referring to a head shot. From the episode of Whitest Kids U Know in which they refer to their friend Rick who recently died in a hunting accident.
"You just shot that squirrel's head off!"
"Yeah, I ricked it."
by Bjorninator November 01, 2007
Northern Jersey term for crack cocaine.
Yo man what you need, diesel?
Nah man, rick.
How many you need?
I got you. Pull round the block.
by North Main March 05, 2006

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