An incredibly arrogant scientists who claims someone's denying religion makes them more intelligent.
Despite having a brilliant mind, he has become far more intolerant than the "religious" groups he despises (and makes this hatred publicly known).
He spends his time whining about how a single foolish president of a country he doesn't even live in said quite some time ago that he doesn't believe atheists to be patriotic citizens.
Apparently, he hates it when people say bad things about him and what he thinks, but has no problem letting the world know that he thinks "religious" people are morons.

He's infamous for bunching every religion of all time into a little ball and blaming that ball for all the world's problems.

He denies all the incredible supernatural acts throughout history witnessed by millions of people because he believes himself more intelligent, and therefore the events didn't happen (or were remarkable coincidence).

He also claims "religion" hinders science, despite Newton, Bacon, Galileo, Kepler, and some of the most brilliant minds in history being Christians. I mean, even Ben Franklin was a deist (though hardly religious).
Richard Dawkins: "Christians are stupid for wasting their lives trying to convert people to religion, so I will in turn waste my life trying to convert them back."

Richard Dawkins: "Religion destroys nations. That's why as Europe began to lose its religious foundations it became weaker and weaker despite once being the center of all world powers, while the United States, which had only been around for a few hundred years, held onto its religious beliefs and rapidly rose to become the greatest power in the world in a very short time. Therefore, I have to turn America away from religion, because I'm jealous."

Richard Dawkins was the kid in school who claimed anyone within his circle of friends was cool and everyone outside of it wasn't.
Therefore, by his logic, he was friends with all the coolest kids in school, despite this not being true.
Don't you just love Richard Dawkins and his "facts"?
by STJosh August 29, 2007
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born in 1941, coiner of the word meme. He has lately taken up the mantle of the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair and become the obnoxious atheist of the English-speaking world.

He wrote an essay called Viruses of the Mind, referring to religion. He calls believers, faith-sufferers, and disparages even those who are tolerant of others' faith. He thinks they are a large part of the problem.

Richard Dawkins, you sure are an arrogant atheist.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 09, 2007
A British evolutionary biologist, who rose to fame with several of his books, namely the selfish gene and unweaving the rainbow. Is now a millitant atheist, hell bent on destroying religion, will not listen to thers opinion and constantly discredits religion, he is as bad any religious fanatic
Richard Dawkins Recently said that religious scientists wre not real scientists, an example, Francis collins head of the human genome project, who is a christian and a scientist
by Paul Mycok August 14, 2009
A man who while very acomplished as a biologist has become a troll who confuses opinions with facts and likes to input his personal philosophy into scientific knowledge.

Dawkins also has a cult following of militant fanboys who dream about him on the internet and this will become apperant when you see the thumbs down on my definition
And if you fucking fanboys don't like my definition of your dear idol richard dawkins I got two words for you.


by Chickenwing21 May 16, 2007
Richard Dawkins is an athiestic bioligist that has written many books regarding science and evolution. He has been noted for his condescending usage of the word "bright" to describe a belief in athiesm. Granted he is a smart man but it seems but his biased attitude sometimes leads him to ignore facts about a metaphysical reality.
Richard Dawkins is simply an arrogant man with a false intellectuality.
by Celtic rose. March 27, 2007
An Oxford evolutionary biologist, recently retired, who has written several books including "The God Delusion" and "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Consistently the subject of fanatical religious attacks, which claim him to be equally dogmatic. Most of these criticisms come from uneducated or tactless Christian apologists, who have read very little of his material and understand little about atheism and/or biology.

Has never claimed to be dogmatic, but insists that he answers to reason alone. This is a contextually correct statement when you look at his accusers. Most of his critics choose to willfully submit to religion, God, and Jesus, based on their "strong spiritual and Biblical evidence." Such people are universally panned as "Jesusfreaks."

Is a leading figure of the atheist movement which includes Hitchens, Dennet, and Harris. Is also the subject of Urban Dictionary attacks by Christian dogmatists who have never picked up a book beside the Bible.
You don't fawk with the Dawk.

Richard Dawkins just busted out a can of intellectual kick-ass on that creationist.
by Crocaduck November 09, 2011
Much misunderstood evolutionary scientist who seems to have provoked much anger here, presumably from people who have not attempted to read any of his books.
I was abused by a priest. I've had a right Richard Dawkins of a day.
by hairybloke September 09, 2010
Strange and overrated biologist who thinks a God existing outside of time and space is a testable scientific theory governed by the laws of the observable universe. Founder of an ego cult congregating on his website which, surprisingly (!) features many pictures of the man himself. His fanatical Disciples consist mainly of an eclectic mix of rocket salad loving, lefty Hampstead set media types such as his wife or Ricky Gervaise, teenagers with mild Asperger's syndrome and angry, bearded letter of complaint writing types with discernable hygiene problems and a chip on their shoulders because the world refuses to recognise their genius, choosing instead to shun them due to their body odour.
He believes humans are innately moral because it's in the interest of our selfish genes which compete to replicate, but when we are bad it's because of religion.
Richard Dawkins - You see, competing with one another is part of Darwinism, but being nasty to one that takes religion
by Bob Chipmunkhouse December 30, 2007
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